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Classic Series: High society regroups as O’tega Emerhor’s daughter weds

– The love story of Toju and Ufuoma Ashogbon

ON Saturday, May 18, 2013, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor and wife, Chief (Mrs.) Rita Emerhor wore their celebration garbs again as their first daughter, Ufuoma Ethel wedded Toritseju Ashogbon. The ceremony held at Guiding Light Assembly, Parkview, Ikoyi, Lagos. 

Later in the afternoon, guests were treated to a reception at The Ark, Lekki, Lagos.  A sizeable number of the high and mighty made it to the ceremony as reported by ENCOMIUM Weekly.


Toritseju and Ufuoma Ashogbon began life together as man and wife at an elaborate ceremony on Saturday, May 18, 2013.  Toju, who studied Petroleum Engineering at the University of Benin, Nigeria, found his missing rib in Ufuoma O’tega Emerhor, first daughter of Olorogun O’tega Emerhor.  They were together for over a year before they were joined at Guiding Light Assembly, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos. Toju presently works at Top Fenders Marine Services, Lagos, while Ufuoma runs an NGO, Fair Life Foundation, Lagos.


Toritseju and Ufuoma Ashogbon were engaged in a traditional way on Thursday, May 16, 2013, at the Emerhor’s Parkview Estate, Lagos home.  Family and friends were in attendance with the colours purple and lilac dominating the scene.



The solemnization of holy matrimony held at Guiding Light Assembly, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, started and ended on a bright note.  Head pastor of the church, Pastor Wale Adefarasin led the officiating ministers, who supervised the ceremony.  He was assisted by Pastor Sam Okoro, Pastor Laolu Adefarasin and others.


16 persons were on duty for the bridal party. The bride’s younger sister, Onajite Emerhor led the young maidens.  They all shone in beautiful attires. The grooms med led by Stanley Okonye dazzled in lovely suits.


The two families, the Emerhors and the Ashogbons love the good life.  They replicated class and panache known with high society events.  Top of the range cars were on parade.  The couple, Toju and Ufuoma Ashogbon rode in a Rolls Royce Phantom.  The ride took them from the church to the reception venue.  There were other exotic automobiles in the couple’s convoy.


Deputy governors of Lagos and Kogi States honoured the couple with their presence.  Mrs. Adejoke Orelope Adefulire came early for the church service.  Her counterpart from Kogi State, Arc. Yomi Awoniyi later joined in the service.  The two posed with the couple for lovely photographs before leaving.


At the reception which held at The Ark, Lekki, Lagos, some celebrities turned up with their better halves, hand in hand. Dr. Ausbeth and Mrs. Anuli Ajagu stormed the venue in their Mercedes G-class.  Mr. Willy and Mrs. Nkiru Anumudu also made up the guest list.


Rear Admiral Allison Maduekwe (retd) was the chairman at the ceremony.  The personality came alone from Abuja.


Veteran on-air personality, Mr. Soni Irabor directed the affairs of the ceremony.  From the beginning of the programme till the end there was no dull moment.  Mr. Irabor was assisted by comedians D-Don and Akpororo.  The two set the venue ablaze with their rib cracking jokes.


Lagos State First Lady, Dame Abimbola Fashola enjoyed every bit of the reception.  Having missed out in the church service, she showed up at the reception where everything was at her beck and call.


The toast by the best man, Stanley Okonye was done with razzmatazz.  A giant Moet and Chandon bottle was uncorked for that session.  It was shared among guests.


In the past, Dr. Tunde Soleye would have stormed the party alongside his former wife, Ms. Nike Oshinowo.  Journalists would have scribbled notes on how they stepped into the party while photographers would have fallen on one another to take their pictures.  But at the Emerhor/Ashogbon nuptials, Dr. Soleye sneaked into the reception, sat in a quiet place and left unnoticed after the business of the day.


Former Director General of Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation, Mrs. Omotayo Omotosho was at the occasion.  She was everywhere exchanging pleasantries.

‘He is my kind of man’  –  Ufuoma Ethel

2DSC_9099THE beautiful Ufuoma, first daughter of Olorogun O’tega and Chief (Mrs.) Rita Emerhor disclosed that the man who captured her heart possesses everything she had always wanted in her man.

How will you describe your husband?

Wonderful.  He is a good person, hard working.

Is he the kind of man you ever dreamt of?

Of course. I couldn’t have asked for more.  He is my kind of man.

As at the time you met him, did you envisage it will end like this?

Like every relationship, it started on a friendship level and God did the rest.

‘After a month of dating, I knew she will be my wife’ –   Toritseju Peter

THE man of the moment, popularly called Toju revealed how he met the beautiful Ufuoma a year ago.  What attracted him to her and the future of the union.

How did the journey actually start?

DSC_9099We met at her foundation, over a year ago.

What was the attraction?

She is beautiful and she is from my state, Delta.  She is well focused and there is no doubt she will make a good home.

When did you make up your mind that she is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with?

After a month we became friends, I knew she is the one.

What is your plan for her?

I plan to love her till the end, many children.  Her career is going to blossom as a social worker.

How are you going to handle her?

Like an angel she is.  I am going to handle her gently. She is a great person.

‘How to maintain a perfect marriage’ –  Chief (Mrs.) Rita Emerhor

MOTHER of the bride, Chief (Mrs.) Rita Emerhor was on her feet all through the ceremony.  Her joy knew no DSC_9114bound as she saw off her first daughter in marriage.

How will you describe the ceremony since it started this morning?

It’s fantastic.  God’s presence is really here.  The weather was cool. It’s a glorious day for us.

How will you describe your daughter?

I am blessed with fantastic children.  All of them have been so wonderful.  I never had any major issue with them. They are trained in the way of God.  It’s a Godly family, where we share.

What’s your impression about your in-laws?

We just knew each other not quite long but they appear to be very wonderful people.  The boy is cool headed and calm.  We are starting a journey together as a family and we are starting to know one another better.

You have seen it all in marriage what secret of a successful union would you want to recommend for them?

For any young couple like theirs, a woman must know her place at home just as a man must also know his place, with communication been the building force, communication will bring them closer.  They must learn to communicate. They should resolve any issue they have as soon as possible. That has been my policy. I preach it at home and anywhere.

When are we having another marriage in the family?

We have one more.  We want to recover from this one.  By the grace of God, very soon.

‘My advice to them’ –  Olorogun O’tega Emerhor

STANDARD Alliance Insurance boss, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor was the chief host at his daughter’s wedding. Having staged another wedding for one of his daughter’s years back, he ensured this one was also elaborate.

DSC_9113How will you describe your daughter?

She is beautiful, very pleasant.  She runs an NGO that takes care of children. She has a very good heart and I am sure she will make a good wife.

The first time you met the husband what was your impression?

He is hard working.  He is a petroleum engineer. He is very focused. I think they are a good match.  They will complement each other.

Did the ceremony go according to plan?

This is a very elitist ceremony.  You can see the church. The pastor went straight to the point.  I am so elated by the quality and number of people in attendance.  Usually people prefer going to the reception but as you can see a lot of people came to support me at the church.

She’s your first daughter, what will you miss about her?

All of them are going. I only have one more daughter. I would want her to go than staying.  I am going to miss her but since she stays in Lagos with her husband we will still be in touch.

What’s your advice for the newly-wed?

Have patience with each other, communicate, resolve issues as soon as possible and put God first in all they do.

‘Our prayers for them’ –  Mr. Edwin and Evelyn Tonwe

MR. and Mrs. Tonwe stood in as the parents of the groom, Toju Ashogbon.  There is no doubt they played the role perfectly with the way they coordinated some aspects of the ceremony.


How will you describe the couple?

DSC_9109A fantastic match.  They were made for each other.

When did you realize they are in a relationship and how did you encourage them?

About a year or so, as a family, all I could do was to encourage them, especially when they are very close.  The lady is very kind hearted and hard working.

When are we coming for another celebration?

It’s our expectation and that of every parent that after nine months, we will all gather for a celebration and that’s when the baby would come.

Where are the other siblings?

They are very much around.  They are all married with children.


As a mother, how will you describe the bride?

DSC_9111She is a very good person.  I got to know her not too long ago.  With the moment I spent with her, she is a good person and I believe she will make a good wife.

As a married woman, what advice would you like to give the newly-wed?

They should be patient, tolerant because they are coming from different backgrounds. They should put God first in all their dealings.

How will you describe the ceremony as it all went?

It’s worth it.  Our efforts have yielded positive result. It is not easy putting all this together, but we thank God.





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