CLASSICS: ‘All I wanted was your waist’ – Iyanya replies Yvonne Nelson + Angry fans chide him

Days after Ghanaian star actress, Yvonne Nelson rapped Iyanya for dumping her and breaking her heart, the Kukere crooner has replied, sensationally telling her he never really loved her.

While free-styling with his popular song, Kukere at a recent show in the UK, Iyanya Mbok hit the pretty actress harder than she expected. He sang:



“Yvonne Nelson, I lost your medicine. She called that she’s coming over and I rode her like a jangolova. All I want is your waist, no emotions, no tears, no letters, no love, no nothing. All I want is your waist, she aint event know it. She brought emotions.”

Although the bankable singer later told his audience at the Tim Westwood Show in the UK he was only joking, the comment has sparked off anger of his fans’ who took to social media condemning him.

Here are some of the comments from mainly anonymous fans in Linda Ikeji’s blog:

“This is a very callous reply, you won’t find that kind of love again. Cos it is not easy. Many will come after your money. The one that came for love, you want to ridicule.”

“Very childish and immature, to be honest. Even if he was joking, he can clearly tell he is still smarting and I think that was kinda humiliating to her. But then, again, they know best what transpired between them and I guess he’s upset at how she civilisedly insulted him in the interview as well.”

“Iyanya, you are a big fool. Why would you disrespect a woman like that? You should have just kept quiet. Not nice at all. Very expensive joke. May you never talk about any woman that way again.”

“I always felt the original version was disrespectful, but this! Iyanya, you will have daughters one day.

He is so wrong for that and I have lost all respect for him. He did not have to mention her name and disrespect her like hat. Big shame on you.”

“Iyanya, that is so wrong. It takes a lot for a woman to give herself to a man without asking for instant monetary reward in Nigeria. This is the reason women in Nigeria are hard to get and don’t believe your love stories. If Iyanya had told Yvonne that all he wanted was her waist, she wouldn’t have ‘catched’ emotions and simply have wanted waist too. Grow up boy and be a man, stop spoiling the dating pool for genuine good hearted men/women.”

Contacted for comments on the issue on Sunday, June 30, 2013, Iyanya told ENCOMIUM Weekly’s reporters it was not yet time to react to the lyrics credited to him.

“I will talk about it later in an interview.”

Yvonne Nelson, in a rare interview days back, admitted dating Iyanya for about seven months. Crying out, she was used and dumped, the popular actress and star of many flicks however assured the rave of the moment that he wouldn’t go scot free for toying with her emotions.

Now, Iyanya has replied Yvonne Nelson in what looks like a remix of his monstrously popular song, Kukere, singing, “No love, no tears, all I want is your waist”

And this has now incurred the wrath of some of his fans.


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