‘God is the source of my success not MTN,’ says Iyanya Mbuk

FIRST Project Fame winner, Iyanya Mbuk has been very busy lately, with his latest release, Kukere. Iyanya, who just got back from Malaysia had an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly on how he came up with Kukere and more hits we should be expecting from him.


How was your trip?

It was fine, very beautiful, thank you.

What was the experience over there?

It was real fun, I didn’t even know people knew who Iyanya is. They showed me a lot of love. All thanks to God.

Iyanya has been very busy lately, how do you feel about this?

I feel great. Busy is an understatement but I love it because I know I am heading to the top by God’s grace.

Would you say Kukere gave you the big break?

I want to believe so, yes. I think it did. I got all busy after I released Kukere and Kukere is played on radio and TV stations every time. I feel very, very good about it.

How did you come up with Kukere?

It’s a simple Efik word. It means don’t worry about anything, be happy and don’t think. It just means you should relax and forget all your problems.

What gave you the inspiration to write the song?

God did, but I just wanted to thank Him for all He has done, all He is doing and all He will continue to do.

Would you say love songs weren’t working for you?

No, I can’t say that. The love songs are even bigger now with Kukere as it brought them back to reckoning.

So, why all the tattoos and working out?

I have always loved tattoos and love to keep up with fitness and healthy living. Work outs are only to keep fit and look good, especially as the market also calls for such. So, that’s why I am doing all that.

What stands Iyanya out amongst other musicians?

I am truly blessed with genuine raw talent and I am passionate about my origin.

Would you say Project Fame gave you this platform?

Yes, truly and I am thankful to God Almighty.

People alleged your success is from a cabal in MTN, how true is this?

These are people’s talk, they keep saying all sorts of things, I don’t have time for that. All I know is my success is from God.

What gives Iyanya inspiration?

God, my surroundings and life’s experiences.

What should we be expecting from you now?

A lot of hits, keep your fingers crossed.


This story was first published in Encomium Weekly edition of Tuesday, July 3, 2012



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