Iyanya debunks replying Yvonne Nelson, ‘I did the freestyle before her interview’ (3)


-Says he remains close to the Ghanaian actress

Yvonne Nelson raised a lot of dust when she in an interview with a popular blog, admitted to having dated Iyanya for about eight months before the hit maker broke her heart.

The Ghanian actress also alleged that the Kukere master “had so many people he was seeing” and was in the habit of taking advantage of ladies.

The controversy was however blown to greater proportions when a freestyle session of Iyanya on Tim Westwood Show, where he said he lost Yvonne Nelson’s medicine went viral on the internet few days after her interview, hereby sparking heated debates on the social media with some fans who took exceptions to the freestyle, labelling Iyanya as childish for replying Yvonne Nelson with a perceived diss.

For the first time since the saga began however, the maiden winner of the Project Fame reality show opened up exclusively to ENCOMIUM Weekly, revealing that the said freestyle was actually recorded long before Yvonne Nelson’s interview. He also explained his relationship with the screen goddess, his take on OJB’s condition and more.


What’s your reaction to the whole Yvonne Nelson saga?

First of all, I want to say that I did a freestyle in Tim Westwood which everybody thinks the whole freestyle was about Yvonne Nelson. It’s not true. My freestyle was not for Yvonne Nelson. I said ‘Yvonne Nelson, I lost your medicine’ and it was just a freestyle. If I said, ‘Yvonne Nelson, I have your medicine’, it will probably sound like the song itself. It was a freestyle and I had to change something. At the end of the freestyle, I still said I was joking so I don’t see any reason why anybody should take it personal. It was not for anybody, it was a general freestyle and Tim Westwood just released part two of it.

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

What about the part where you said something like ‘she came with emotions but all you wanted was her waist’?

It was not for Yvonne Nelson. I was freestyling! When I sang a song saying “All I want is your waist’, I was trying to build on it. I can’t just go there and sing the song the way it was because it was a freestyle. I’m not singing for anybody but I realise that anything I do these days, people want to create controversies out of it. The only place I said or mentioned Yvonne Nelson during my freestyle was the ‘I lost your medicine’ part.

What happened to her medicine why did you lose it?

That is our own personal matter, me and Yvonne Nelson. It is nobody’s business but the freestyle was not about her.

Why then did you do the freestyle after her interview with a blogger? People say it was your reply.

You guys are getting it all wrong. This is a coincidence. This Tim Westwood interview was done long before Yvonne Nelson did her interview. Check the date, God is my witness. I did the freestyle at least four weeks before her interview. It was only coincidental that my interview was released after she did hers so it seemed like a reply to her but it was not. People who are close to me know that I don’t insult or disrespect people.

But did you actually date Yvonne Nelson?

I’m not going to say whether I dated Yvonne Nelson or not. People need to understand that my private life is my private life. I’m here to do music so listen to my music and if you like it, you take it. If you don’t like it or you have an advice or you want me to change something, tell me. The relationship between me and the fans is music. I don’t call people and ask if you have a girlfriend or how’s your girlfriend doing. It’s their business so people should concentrate on the music and stop asking me questions about my private life.

But she said you broke her heart.

She said. I didn’t say I broke her heart. People should understand that till now, me and Yvonne Nelson don’t have a personal fight. It is just people that are trying to put it on their head. It’s some people that are trying to get famous and trying to be heard but it’s a good thing because at the end of the day it makes me realise that I’m somebody so they should keep talking rather than think about how they’re going to make their lives better, they’re carrying Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya case on their head like they’re selling something.

Are you on good terms with Yvonne Nelson?

Of course. We don’t have any problems at all. The last time we saw, I was with her in Ghana. She can tell you that. As everybody is going up and down now, making all this noise, I and she don’t have a problem. I don’t know why people want to die while we that are involved in the matter are still alive.

So you don’t feel you owe her or anyone else some apologies?

I owe apologies to Yvonne Nelson if she took what I did personal but no one else. And that’s also not something I have to do in the papers. We will deal with that sh*t the way we deal with our sh*t. If she got pissed, then I owe her an apology, not people talking like they don’t have jobs.

Would I be right to say your problem with Yvonne Nelson was caused by Tonto Dike?

I didn’t have any problems with her and it was not caused by anybody. I still don’t have any problems with Yvonne Nelson as we speak. Don’t be surprised if on my next video you see this same Yvonne Nelson. I think I’m just a victim of success because all these people saying all these things didn’t write anything about me when I was nobody but now that I’m somebody everybody wants to use me and talk instead of looking for how to make their lives better. They should continue talking.

Do you believe in Karma?

Of course, I believe in Karma. It’s something that a lot of us here fear but it comes to us. I believe strongly in Karma and that’s why I believe that you should do everything you do right. That’s why they say that when you offend somebody you should say you’re sorry. What goes around comes around. A lot of people are talking about karma to other people but they don’t know if they’re facing their own karma right there. Nobody has the right to judge anybody because karma is not in man’s hand. You don’t tell somebody karma will catch up with them. Before you say I’m useless, how useful are you?

But are you in the habit of taking advantage of women?

I don’t take advantage of women. This is my problem. Every time that I try to date someone, every other person around the person always think I’m not good for the person so automatically, I’m dating more than one person. That kind of relationship cannot go anywhere. I don’t take advantage, it’s just that when I get into a relationship and at the long run I realise that you’re not even in the relationship, I have to move on. I can’t stay there and kill myself. You don’t want to be with somebody who doesn’t believe that you’re with them no matter how much work you put in. Even when you stay off BB, you don’t pick calls, you delete people for them, it’s still not enough. I don’t take advantage of anybody but I can only be in a relationship with somebody who understands my job. I’ve dated somebody that didn’t want me to go to shows. How do I survive? If I take a picture with a female fan, we’ll have a fight.

Away from the Yvonne Nelson issue, what’s your take on OJB’s condition?

The first time I met OJB, I’m going to be very honest, it was a pleasure to meet him. He produced two songs in my first album, the first one featuring MI and another one. He produced and co-wrote the songs. For this to happen to him, it really touches my heart. I learnt a whole lot from it. I just put him in God’s hands and I believe that he’s going to be alright.

How were your recent shows in the UK?

Well, so far, everything I’ve been doing has been really successful. Like DJ Khaled, I can just say I’m suffering from success because like I always say, there are some people that God has decided to put His hands on and I’m one of those people  so no matter what you do or say, I’m still going to be going higher. My UK shows like my America tour were very successful and I owe all the thanks and all the glory to God and the fans. I mean true fans who listen to my music and people who buy my album and people who support my career. People who, when they criticise me they do it with love, they do it constructively. Not people who just open a blog and read stuff and they start ranting. You don’t even know who is writing, you don’t even know if the writer was paid to write, you don’t even know if the news is true, you just start ranting.

How many shows did you do in UK?

I did two shows. One was in London and the other was in Manchester.

How do you compare the shows in UK with the ones in America?

The shows in America were filled with a whole lot of people from different places in America and it was the same with the shows in the UK. The only difference is that the London show had the biggest venue. US had big venues but the London venue, Indigo is massive and for you to fill such a place with people then God is on your side no doubt.

Thanks for speaking with ENCOMIUM.

Anytime, my brother.



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