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CLASSICS: Kizito Egeonu Etisalat million dollar winner to practice medicine

IN 2009, Kizito Egeonu, a medical student of University of Jos became a multi-millionaire after winning $1 million in the Etisalat’s One 9ja million dollar game show. Not much was heard from him since then because he was in school. He is rounding off at school now and ready to launch his medical career.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with him about life after becoming a millionaire, school, love life and much more.


How is school, you should be rounding off by now?

School is fine, by God’s grace. I will be done in about eight months.

When you finish school, what next?

After school, medical students normally try to specialize in a particular area of medicine or surgery. So, I will specialize in one. I have a few specialties I am considering, I would want to specialize in a field where I can still have a little time to monitor my investments.

So, how have you been spending your prize money?

I invested in real estate and followed my banker’s advice. I generally avoid putting money in businesses I don’t fully understand. I spent most part of the last two years resisting temptations to invest in seemingly interesting business like Nigerian internet companies and Nigerian showbiz industry because I don’t understand them.

Did you deviate from the initial plan of spending the money?

There were few deviations here and there. I would prefer to call them adjustments. I am a disciplined person, so, in the end, I always try to get back on track.

You talked about a pet project sometime back, how far with that dream? Tell us about the project, what is it all about?

Yes, yes, pet projects. I developed a cap along with my brothers. The plan is to use it to bring awareness to under-nutrition amongst children. It is still in the works though. There have been so many hitches and setbacks in the course of perfecting it. Just a few days ago, we had to send a warning to our associates that we won’t be part of it if it doesn’t come out perfect this time around. We wouldn’t be involved in anything that wouldn’t come out as perfectly as intended. So, I am still hoping we can make it what we intended initially.

What has changed generally about you as a multi-millionaire?

Nothing much has changed. I believe I am still the same old me. Maybe I now enjoy some extra privileges.

Have you fallen in love? Tell us about her.

Oh yes, I have totally fallen head over heels in love. She is beautiful, wonderful, caring, down to earth, super intelligent and humble. That is all she can allow me share with you at this time. Doctors also have time for love. Everybody has time for love, we will all drift into depression if we don’t love or aren’t loved.

What exactly do you want in a lady? Tell us your ideal lady.

Humility is what I admire most in a woman. Confidence is also a quality I look out for and she should be beautiful and can cook. I love to eat.

How flamboyant is Kizito since you won that cash prize?

It depends on your definition of flamboyance. I only buy what’s important and what satisfies a need. If having most of what I need is flamboyance, I guess I am. If wearing N2 million chain or indulging in frivolous spending is flamboyance, then I think I am not.

Which was your most expensive expenditure?

Thinking about my most expensive expenditure, I think I spend more when I go on vacation.


This story was first published in Encomium Weekly edition of Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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