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CLASSICS: Popular female socialite arrested for multi-million serial fraud

A popular female socialite and niece of Mrs. Toun Oni, the veteran actress, has been arrested for fraud.  Ms. Olupero Sosan a.k.a Dr. Olupero Adebimpe Aduke Sosan (she claimed she has Ph.D in Mass Communication) was arrested on Friday, May 22, 2009 after almost three months of hiding.

She was picked up by the police from Special Anti-Fraud Unit, Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos in her hideout – Alhaji Tunde Salisu Street, NNPC, Iyana Ejigbo, where she had been hibernating for the past three months.

Also arrested with her was Alhaji Tunde Salisu, her spiritualist who had been shielding her for those three months.  Ms. Sosan is not only a serial fraudster but a pathological liar, name-dropper.

Her modus operandi is to get very intimate with her victims, tell them how influential and highly connected she is. After that she proposes a business deal and assures them of using her connections and closeness to her prominent friends to pull the business through.

Then, the extortion starts. The victims are now asked to bring different sums of money to settle one person or the other in the office where the business deals is supposed to come through.

For instance, her latest victim, Mrs. Sola Agoro, gave her N8 million to settle the Commissioner for Special Duties in Lagos State, Dr. Tola Kasali and the governor of Ogun State, Gov. Daniel where four business contracts had been assured.  Mrs. Sola Agoro met Pero somewhere at Ologbo Nla Hotel (where she hibernated for over a year), Isheri Olofin, Idimu, Lagos. She told her how highly connected she was.  She told her Obasanjo was her former boyfriend and Gov. Gbenga Daniel of Ogun State is her current boyfriend.

On January 4, 2009, Pero told Sola to get N4 million ready to settle Dr. Tola Kasali, the Commissioner for Special Duties in Lagos State.  Sola scampered around to get the money and with Pero, they headed for Kasali’s office.

On getting there, Sola was asked to wait downstairs at the reception while Peju pretended to have gone up to the commissioner’s office with the Ghana Must Go bag containing the required N4 million.  Few minutes later, Pero came downstairs to say the commissioner had been settled and the contracts would be given to her.

Again, on February 9, 2009, around 8.00 p.m, Pero called Sola again that she should get another N4 million ready for the Ogun State contracts.  That night, the two ladies left Lagos for Abeokuta, with the N4 million to settle the said Gov. Gbenga Daniel for another two contracts. The two lodged in a guest house at Abeokuta, from where Pero put a call to the so-called Gbenga Daniel and was told that he was holed up somewhere over the attempt by Obasanjo and co. to impeach him.

Later that night, Pero left the guest house with the N4 million to meet Governor Daniel.  She later came back without the money and told Sola that God had done it, that the governor had collected the money and they would soon be awarded the two contracts.

It was an elated Sola Agoro that left Abeokuta the following day with the assurance of having won two contracts.  As far as she was concerned, the N8 million she had parted with so far would be nothing when the money from the four (two from Lagos State and two from Ogun State) contracts would start rolling in.

After much pestering, Pero eventually told Sola the contracts had been finally awarded, but she had sold them since she did not want her to go through hassles of executing them by herself.  She told Sola that she sold the two contracts from Ogun State for N17 million (N8.5 million each) while those of Lagos State was sold for N14.6 million (N7.3 million each).

For Pero to now pay her the N31.6 million proceeds from the sales of the four contracts became a Herculean task.

She started dilly-dallying, giving one excuse or the other.  She told Sola that the money was paid into her account at Intercontinental Bank in Lagos but Dr. Erastus Akingbola, the managing director and chief executive officer of the bank was sitting on it (cheque). She told her that she has over N200 million in her account that Dr. Akingbola refused to pay her because of a little disagreement they had (Akingbola being her lover).  She took Sola to Intercontinental Bank headquarters at Victoria Island, Lagos, where they met one Mr. Omo, who she told her is the personal assistant to Dr. Akingbola.

Omo, according to Sola assured them that the money would soon be released, eventually, Pero issued Sola an Intercontinental Bank cheque on April 21, 2009, for N31 million promising to give her the remaining N600,000 in cash.

But to Sola’s chagrin when she got to the bank to cash the cheque, she was told the account had closed.  It was then that it dawned on her that the person she had been dealing with (to the extent of sleeping together on the same bed at her hotel) was a fraudster.

But before knowing this, she had introduced another family friend to Pero.  That was Mr. Segun Oginni, a businessman who deals in petroleum products.  Pero had proposed to Oginni that she could help him secure a loan from Intercontinental Bank, the MD/CEO being her boyfriend.  She had dropped the names of other prominent Nigerians that are not only well known to her but are very close to her.  Names like that of former President Olusegun Obasanjo who she claimed she was once his senior special assistant, Mike Adenuga, whom she claimed is her boyfriend, Dr. Erastus Akingbola, of Intercontinental Bank, another lover of hers, former Oyo State governor, Senator Rasheed Ladoja whom she even drove with him (Oginni) to his (Ladoja) Apapa residence, Governors Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Gbenga Daniel of Osun and Ogun States respectively, who are not only close to her but also send her abroad to launder money for them.

Before the scale fell from Oginni eyes, Pero had fleeced him of N1.3m being the amount used to settle the boys at Intercontinental Bank headquarters who would be coming to inspect his office before he could be granted the N20 million loan facility that she is helping him to secure.

This did not include N30,000 for fuel for Pero’s car and another N20,000 for recharge cards also for Madam Pero.  Before Agoro and Oginni were other victims.  In fact, it was these other victims that Pero was running away from that made her relocate to Egbeda axis where she met and duped Agoro and Oginni.

Pero’s Surulere axis victims include Mrs. Christy Ehiaka, long-time friend and a widow, Mrs. Jane Okonji, the proprietress of Jane Pet School, whom she met through Mrs. Christy Ehiaka, a PR consultant whom she also met through Mrs. Ehiaka and Miss Magdalene Alsuan, a businesswoman whom she met at a salon.

Mrs. Ehiaka met Pero at a crusade at Ajao Estate after 15 years of their teenage years when they first met.  But by the time they parted ways she was owing her N1 million of which she issued her (Christy) a GTBank cheque and the cheque bounced.  For Mrs. Jane Okonji, she collected N1 million from her as payment for her (Pero) Toyota Camry car which she said was sold to her.  But for several months, Mrs. Okonji did not see any car nor was her N1 million refunded.

It took the intervention of police officers from Zone 2 headquarters, Onikan, Lagos before N500,000 was refunded.  Pero is still owing the woman the balance of N500,000 since 2006.

As for the PR consultant, Pero had promised helping him to secure a business contract from Dr. Mike Adenuga, a.k.a the Guru, who she claimed is her boyfriend who bought a house for her in London.

At the end of the day, she fleeced the PR consultant to the tune of N1.7 million under the guise of one expense or the other in the course of meeting Dr. Adenuga.

Miss Magdalene Aisuan a.k.a Meg on her part was stripped of N2.5 million by her.  She had promised helping her to secure a business contract from Governor Daniel and the sum was the expense she needed to settle some boys in the course of securing the business deal. But alas! Neither the contract nor the money came the way of Meg.  After much pressure from Meg that she (Pero) should refund her money or she would report her to the police, she gave her two UBA cheque dated November 12, 2007, covering the N2.5 million and another covering N125,300 being payment for items she (Pero) bought from Meg on credit.  Both cheques also bounced.

The four came together and took her to Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos, from where she was arraigned at Tapa Magistrate Court.  The trial judge was Magistrate P. A. Ojo.  Pero was granted bail but she never came back to that court.  Rather she left her off Babs Animashaun residence where she was living with one of her numerous boyfriends, one Yomi Oshikoya, and relocated to Egbeda.

On getting to Egbeda, she lodged at Infinity Hotel, near LSDPC Estate, Abesan, for almost a year and continued to ply her trade. By the time she left the hotel, she was owing them almost N500,000 in unpaid bills.

From Infinity Hotel, she moved to Jobad Hotel, Egbeda and later Ologbo Nla Hotel, Isheri Olofin, Idimu, where she also duped the owner, Otunba Kunle Akinyele to the tune of N400,000.  It was from Ologbo Nla Hotel that she moved to Alhaji Tunde Salisu’s house at NNPC, Iyana Ejigbo, when her business deals with Mrs. Sola Agoro and Mr. Segun Oginni boomeranged.

Aside dropping the names of prominent people as her friends and lovers, Ms. Olupero Sosan also has high taste for state-of-the-art cars.  She has been seen severally cruising around town in automobiles like Infiniti, Hummer, Honda, Honda Bullet, etc.  How did she get these cars?  Our investigation revealed that she gives the car mart owners N500,000 for any car of her choice and issues a post-dated cheque of three months for the balance. Before the cheque matured (it never did most times), the pretty mother of two would be seen around town cruising in the car.

Her deceitful life was not only restricted to Lagos, she was once said to have duped a man in Abuja of N14 million.  She was arrested and arraigned before a court of law where she was granted bail. She jumped bail and came to Lagos leaving behind her two children with a friend in Abuja.  Her aunt, Mrs. Toun Oni did not escape from Pero’s wild life.  Pero forcefully sent the old woman and other tenants living at her late mother’s Brickfield Street, off Apapa Road, Ebute Metta packing and subsequently sold it.

This was after she arrested her and took her to court. The famous actress is now living in Awoyaya village, along Epe Expressway, Lagos because her ordeal in the hands of her niece (Pero).  Pero’s mother is the immediate younger sister to Mrs. Toun Oni.

Another style of Pero is to use different vehicle plate numbers.  When the police searched her boyfriend –Yomi Oshikoya’s Surulere residence, they found a Ghana Must Go bag full of vehicles plate numbers.  In fact, the car in which she was arrested was said to have the plate number of one of the cars of her spiritualist –Alhaji Tunde Salisu with whom she was arrested.



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