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Conspiracy theories on how Ronke Shonde died – 3 ways she was allegedly murdered!

The death of Ronke Shonde in the night of Thursday, May 5, 2016, in their Egbeda (Lagos) flat, now suspected to be murder by police, has thrown up a lot of conspiracy theories, based on the autopsy report which ruled the cause of death as ‘acute respiratory distress syndrome, bruises and water in the head’.

So, if her husband (Lekan Shonde) is the prime suspect, how did she die? What actually happened?

The murder trial which will rely on the autopsy report, forensic findings at the scene of crime, the body of the suspect, witnesses such as the Bewajis (Lekan’s in laws), pathologists, neighbours, Kayode Eyitayo Oluokun (Ronke’s alleged lover), Ashabi (her friend who intervened in some of the couple’s spats),  phone logs, messages and conversations,etc., will answer the questions.

Here are 3 of the possibilities by conspiracy theorists as compiled by…


  1. She was mercilessly battered and lost consciousness

There were some bruises and water lodged in her head, according to pathologists quoted by many news media. These injuries could only have come from battery, with the victim hit on the head, either accidentally or deliberately.


  1. She was choked, possibly with a pillow

If there are no marks on the neck, suggesting asphyxiation, a pillow could have been used to choke her. This soft object would prevent a visible sign on the neck.


  1. A weapon could have been used to the head

She could have been beaten with a weapon which left the ‘water in the head’ , as attributed to pathologists from Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja. The object may not be sharp, reason there were no apparent wound on her head.


There are many more other possibilities…



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