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Constipation increases risk of kidney failure 

Scientists caution that constipation increases the risk of having kidney disease and failure by 10 percent. Those who suffer from constipation have a higher chance of developing constant disorder that causes the organs to stop working.

Early detection would help the condition from happening. Experts say keeping a high fibre diet and regular exercise would help stop the need for a kidney transplant or dialysis. Being constipated have a heavy effect on the human health. It also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Lead researcher at the University of Tennessee, Dr. Csaba Kovesdy revealed that, the plausible link between the gut and the kidneys provide additional insights into the pathogenesis of kidney disease progression.

“Our results suggest the need for careful observation of kidney function trajectory in patients with constipation, particularly among those with more severe constipation,” he noted.

Adults who were severally constipated had a higher risk of kidney failure. Having a healthy lifestyle, diet change and regular exercise would help protect kidney health.


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