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Couples admit having less sex due to recession

As the recession bites harder and harder, the home fronts is now neck deep in crisis. Many couples ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with have resorted to less sex due to the present economic situation.

Here are responses from couples we spoke to…



Will you say you are having less sex now?

Yes, I don’t have sex that much.


The economic situation is enough reason to do away with sex. I am usually not in the mood most times. I come back tried after walking the street of Lagos looking for means of livelihood. The thing on my mind cannot be sex.



I don’t have sex as much as I used to. I am not the type that have sex often. It is just once a while. Even that once takes God’s intervention. I do it reluctantly. I can stay a whole year without having sex.


black-couple-in-bed-iiOGUNASANYA BAYO

I don’t even think about sex any longer. I can’t remember the last time I had sex, maybe like two months ago. It is usually the last thing on my mind nowadays.

The economic situation of the country is enough to kill libido. When you remember that your landlord will show up first thing in the morning, you wouldn’t even remember there is something called sex.



I am not sexually active again. Just once in a blue moon. I hardly think about it. I am usually engrossed with thought of the next thing to do so that my family would not starve.



I am not bold to approach my wife for sex unless she feels like having it. I have not been able to take up my responsibilities like I used to do. I just have to respect myself.



My wife comes home looking so tired. That sight alone makes me feel for her. Since I lost my job, she has been taking care of the children and our needs. It would be so inconsiderate of me to demand sex.  If she feels like it, I am available, but I have stopped initiating it.



I still have sex like I used to. At least three times a week. I don’t think husbands should allow the economic situation of the country separate them from their wives. We should find solace in the arms of each other when we come back home.



I have reduced the number of times I have sex. I have channelled my energy into other things. My children are still young, I have to cater for them.



Sex doesn’t cross my mind again. I guess I am a lot more pre-occupied with other things. It is when you have more than enough that you can think of pleasure. I still owe school fees and house rent would expire in January. Those are top most on my mind. Sex is out of it for now.



I still have sex like before. My husband demands it every week. I can’t tell you the number of times he does that anyway.

Once you are married, your body is no longer yours, but that of your partner. I have to give in to him. I don’t want another woman to replace me.



I still have sex like before. I wonder why recession is affecting a lot of people. I try not to think about recession. I can’t solve the problem. It is better to continue praying which is what I am doing. But I still have sex with my wife.


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