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Couples on whether they check their spouse’s phones

Trust is key for any relationship to work, more so in marriage.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with some couples on whether they trust their spouse enough to allow them access to their phones.


‘I don’t see the point in doing that’ – Monday Ughele

I don’t see the point in doing that. I trust my wife and I’ve not had any cause not to. Sometimes, when she’s busy in the kitchen or in the bathroom and a call comes in, she’d ask me to answer it, depending on who’s calling. If it’s not work related, why not?

I think when couples are sincere with each other, things would be easier and better. We make mistakes, but as long as we can openly and honestly discuss them and move on there’s no problem.


‘I have access to my husband’s phones’ – Bukunmi Fasunloro

I have access to my husband’s phones, just like he does to mine. And I have found that it builds trust in your marriage. When I know that at any point when we’re together, I can have access to your phone, I think you’d be more relaxed.

Someone defined sin as something you do and don’t want other people to know maybe because you’re afraid or ashamed. Besides, I think it’s childish and immature to be on your spouse’s heels, watching his every move.


‘I don’t joke with my phone’ – Solomon Adio

I don’t joke with my phone. Even, my wife can’t pick my call on my behalf, she has to allow it continue ringing till I come if I am not close to where it’s at that moment. Likewise I don’t pick her call. Not that we don’t trust each other, but we must constantly guide against anything that can bring about unnecessary argument or suspicion.

I am a businessman and I have a lot of clients, men and women alike. I need to protect both my home and my business.


‘I can’t allow my spouse have access to my phone…’ – Eunice Odigie

I can’t allow my spouse have access to my phone likewise I don’t check his. By the time that starts, we will begin to suspect each other. And before you know it, marriage of about eight years will scatter. So, I think it’s better I have a firm control of my phone and the same thing goes for him.

To me, one’s mobile phone is a private property. So, it’s not ideal to allow anybody access it anyhow.


‘He’s free to check my phone’ – Miss Folashade

Yes, I will allow him, that is what makes marriage different from courtship, and it brings trust and makes the bond between me and him stronger. There shouldn’t be privacy with your spouse so, I will gladly allow my husband have access to my privacy.


‘I don’t see any big deal in it’ – Emmanuel Adebesin

Yes, I do. I don’t see any big deal in it. I check his phone not because I don’t trust him, maybe I needed to cross check my account statement or maybe I need a contact from him.


‘I don’t question her when she picks my calls for me’ – Moses Akinfenwa

Yes, I do. I don’t question her when she picks my calls for me. I don’t see anything bad in it. Once there is understanding, trust and love between two of them.


‘My husband does not have time to take my calls or read SMS’ – Mrs. Nwakego Stanley

No, I won’t. Moreover, my husband does not have time to take my calls or read SMS on my phone, he doesn’t even have my phone password and he is not bothered because sometimes, I have some private talk with my girlfriends but sometimes I check his message (laughs).


‘I can allow my spouse go through my phone’ – Kolade Adeyemi

Yes, I can allow my spouse go through my phone, I have nothing to hide at all. In fact, my wife picks my calls sometimes. I believe that we are one and I see no reason why I should hide anything from her, my wife and I are so close that there’s absolutely nothing about she doesn’t know, so her having access to my phone is not even a big deal.


‘My husband knows he’s free to go through my phone’ – Solape Afolabi

My husband knows he’s free to go through my phone, but he doesn’t even touch it, because he has no reason not to trust me, but at times when I’m in the kitchen or bathroom and a message or call comes in he checks for me. My husband has full access to my phone but he doesn’t touch my phone unless there’s a need for it.


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