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Criticism trails NYSC N4,000 call up letter fee (2)

The proposed introduction of N4000 fee for students to access NYSC Call Up Letters has been roundly criticised. From students to stakeholders, it has been a rain of curses and abuse of NYSC leadership whom they accuse of extortion.


‘I don’t think there’s any reason for this charge’


Honestly, I don’t think there’s any reason for this charge. There are other issues to attend to rather than extorting poor citizens, I think the government should reverse this charge. Not all of us have this N4,000. I will rather travel there to get my call up letter than pay to the government.


‘I feel the N4,000 fee is too high’


To me, I feel the N4,000 fee is too high. Although it is a brilliant idea that we can receive our call up letters at our convenience and also avoid the hustling and bustling of students at the school premises due to the collection of their letters, government can at most charge N1,000 per head.


‘There should be a proper re- think about the development’


The idea is actually good, but the money involved should be removed. Though it will reduce the risk of students travelling to their institutions to get call-up letters, the truth is they will definitely need to get to their schools for one thing or the other, so we need to be realistic.

There should be a proper re- think about the development, because I think it should be free.


‘We are using our money to buy weakness and laziness’


I’m sure we will still get to the stage when our children will expect tests from their lecturers online and the supervision will be done online too. We are using our money to buy weakness and laziness, while considering it as modern technology.

Saying that it reduces risks of travelling makes no sense, because these students have been going to the same schools from first year till they graduated. Perhaps the three week orientation should be done online too. We need to stop following wrong routes, we can’t raise our children like this and expect them to be independent.


‘I think it should be cheaper’


I am not in support of the fee because being online, I think it should be cheaper. I believe they just want to make illegal money out of it. I believe the NYSC officials in charge should reduce it to N500 if they really want to help us as they claimed.

I don’t mind travelling to wherever they post me, instead of paying that money.


‘The fee is unjustified’


I don’t think there should be any need for us to pay that amount. The fee is unjustified. I believe the government should have done that for us if it’s so necessary as stated by the NYSC officials. However, I can’t say I am not aware of the fact that the stress involved in registration will be reduced, everything is online, but the amount is too much. They should just reduce it to N1,000


‘EFCC should probe NYSC’

– KEMI AYODELE, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

I think the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) should probe these guys (NYSC officials). What they want to do amounts to corruption. I still prefer going to my school to collect my call up letter.

They can, however make it optional should they insist on the fee.


‘This’ obtaining by trick’

– CHIOMA NWACHUKWU, University of Calabar

You still remember OBT (Obtaining By Trick)? That’s what NYSC people are doing. And we are going to resist it. We must fight for our right in this country. The fee for NYSC call up letter is unacceptable.



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