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Criticism trails NYSC N4,000 call up letter fee

The proposed introduction of N4000 fee for students to access NYSC Call Up Letters has been roundly criticised. From students to stakeholders, it has been a rain of curses and abuse of NYSC leadership whom they accuse of extortion.


This looks like extortion’


This looks like extortion. Do you know how much they would make from this? It shall not be well with them.

I still prefer collecting the letter by hand. All the other issues they raised to justify their decision could still be checked without tasking students.


‘This is a clear case of corruption’


I think they are thieves, pardon my words because this is a clear case of corruption. Even if we were to go on line to access NYSC call up letters, it could have been cheaper. I still prefer going to school since I have one or two things I would have to sort out there.


‘I don’t think that amount is justified’


I should have supported the call-up letter fee if it was cheaper than that, because it will reduce the stress of travelling from your school to whichever state you’re posted to. I think the government should wade into it and help reduce the fee to N1,000. Even, it should be free. I don’t think that amount is justified.


‘It shouldn’t be more than N500 or at most N1,000’


I think online registration should be very cheap. It shouldn’t be more than N500 or at most N1,000. But when the NYSC officials came from Abuja to address us on the new development, they explained the reasons the body changed the amount. They said the N4,000 will also be done online before leaving for our different camps. And immediately we get to the camps, we start orientation instantly.

After, we will be posted to our places of primary assignments. The fee reduces the stress of transporting yourself from school to the camp and start running from pillar to post for registration.

But left to me, I think it should be cheaper. It’s a kind of exploitation, which should not be encouraged.


‘It is not a welcome development’


It is not a welcome development, the fee is on the high side. If they can reduce it, it will better especially for people that stay far.

I will prefer to travel to pick it up, I wouldn’t spend that amount in traveling.


‘I will rather go online than to travel to collect it’


It is really not a bad idea, considering the risk and money involved when traveling to collect it. I will rather go online than to travel to collect it.


‘This is another open betrayal from our government’


Sorry to say this, this is another open betrayal from our government. Why should someone who wants to serve his/her nation for free pay so much? Where do they expect a student who has suffered so much in the decaying Nigerian university and polytechnic to get such amount?

NYSC must realize that having finished a degree course does not mean that you have a job. So, where do they want the thousands of jobless Nigerian students get N4,000. Students should not be forced to be unpatriotic. With this, if that N4,000 charge is retained, then it is disregard for the human (corps members) labour, especially when they want to serve their fatherland.

NYSC is not a profit making organization, so our anti- corruption agencies should please  probe and tell Nigerians the cabal that wants to change the agenda of NYSC for their personal benefit.


‘It’s a shame for government asking them to pay’


To me, the process should be free and should not cost one kobo. Youth are called to render mandatory service to their fatherland (youth who have just graduated from college and are already cash strapped), it’s a shame for government asking them to pay.

Though the intention seemed honourable, one should not have to pay to serve ones country. N4,000 per corps member is too exorbitant. The government should provide incentives, not discouraging the younger generation from serving their fatherland.


‘The government is extorting us by all means’


The government is extorting us by all means. Really, it’s not meant to be like this. The last I heard was the N65 ATM charge, now N4,000 call-up letter fee. This would not better our country. Not all fingers are equal, most of us don’t have that N4,000.


‘We can’t be protesting over everything in this country’


The government should please, consider us. Not all of us have this money. We can’t be protesting over everything in this country.

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