Admitted Kelly Rowland worked off stage due to technical hitch

Basking in the euphoria of the season II of one Nigeria’s most entertaining shows, entitled, Love Like A Movie, held on Saturday, February 15, 2014, at the open space of Oceaview Restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigerian R & B superstar, Darey Art Alade is very happy about the success of the show that featured international superstar, Kelly Rowland and Nigerian finest artistes.

Those who saw Darey on Wednesday, February 26, 2014, at Rhapsody Club, Victoria Island, Lagos, where he was officially announced as one of the judges of Nigerian Idol Season 4, could read the excitement all over him.

While speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the Sisi Eko singer said the show was successful, despite the irregularities experienced. He shed light on his experience during the audition of Nigerian Idol across five states, and why the guest artiste, Kelly Roland worked off stage, among others… 

How would you describe Nigerian Idol?

It is a great innovation. I am always in support of any platform that gives the youth opportunity to showcase their talents. That’s why I am part of this.

How does it feel being among the judges for this season?

It is a nice feeling. I am with friends, people I have worked with, my colleagues in the industry. Hopefully, we translate on TV, sometimes we disagree on some things, likewise take unanimous decisions on some things, it is all part of the show. It is going to be in the best interest of the audience, in terms of entertainment, then, the best interest of the contestants, in terms of giving them advice.

dare art-001Can you tell us your experience during the audition across five cities?

The travelling was one thing, luckily no scary flight, everything went smoothly, but to pick the finalists was not easy because there were many great talents. At the same time, you see the worst performances and ask yourself, why did they come for audition? Those were the fun moment of recording Nigerian Idol Season 4.

From what you saw at the audition, are we hoping to get talents Nigerians have not got before?

At the end of the day, it’s not about the judges; it is the number of voting public. However, we have brought you the best, based on what we saw at the audition, the rest is left for the audience to decide. Nigerians should expect the best as I showcase the best in me and hopefully, we will be entertaining the audience of Nigerian Idol in a big way.

Let’s talk about the success of Darey’s Love Like A Movie. How would you describe the show?

It was a successful show, I am very happy. It was interesting, it was fun, we always try to challenge ourselves, and we did it once again.

Would you say the reason behind picking a venue like Oceanview was really achieved for the calibre of the show you organized?

Yes, of course.  One thing people don’t know is that the show could have been more spectacular, if not for unforeseen circumstances we had before the show. But we still manage to pull off interesting and impressive show.

How did you feel when you experienced technical hitch that lasted several minutes?

That was very minor. The only thing I was worried about was the timing, because it always takes time to get it right when you have technical problems, especially while the show is on. So, we don’t want to do a patch-patch job, and there were people waiting for their performances. Apart from the timing, it was a normal technical problem.

dare art alade 1There were reports that Kelly Rowland worked off stage. Is it true?



There is nothing to say. There was a technical problem, she took a break, went back stage to relax, and when we settled with the technical problem, she came back on stage.

Many people believe Darey has come to show us how music concerts should be staged. Where did you get the inspiration, the concept?

The need for us to go for the best is the drive. We need to not settle for less. We need to start running away from mediocrity. I am trying to use this as a metaphor, it is not just about entertainment, even in the country, we need to set our focus, our mind right, with that we can achieve anything.


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