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Democracy Day: Glo applauds resilience of Nigerians

National telecommunicationsoperatorGlobacom has commended the resilience of Nigerians and their ability to sustain democracy for the past twenty-one years. 

The company said in a goodwill message on the 2021 Democracy Day that it was remarkable that Nigerians had kept faith with our democracy and supported the nation tenaciously all through the years.

While restating the essence of peace and unity in the development of a nation, Globacom urged the government and people of Nigeria to be determined to sustain peace and unity of the country and promote national development”. 

The grand masters of data also called on the citizens to continue to support government at all levels in the country to build structures that will enable the country fulfill the dreams of its founding fathers.

Before declaring June 12 as Nigeria’s Democracy Day, the landmark event was celebrated on May 29, being the day the military handed over the reins power to a democratically elected government in Nigeria.  

The present administration, however, moved the celebration to June 12, the anniversary of the 1993 annulled presidential election adjudged the freest and fairest in the annals of elections in the country. 



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