‘Despite being married, men still make passes at me’ -Kemi Afolabi             

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PRETTY thespian, Kemi Afolabi-Adesile, who relocated to Nigeria in 2013 after staying for a while in the United Kingdom, has continued her career where she stopped.  And that has been waxing stronger and stronger since she returned to her fatherland.

In this encounter with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Sunday, August 16, 2015, when she was cornered at an event in Ikeja, Lagos, the beautiful role interpreter spoke on a number of issues revolving around her life and career.

1-Fullscreen capture 8192015 20831 PMWhat’s going on now, career wise?

I thank God my career is moving fine.  Since I came back from the UK, it has been from one job to the other. It’s been a lot of recognition within and outside the industry.  I bless God for everything.

How do you feel having been away for sometime?

I don’t think I have really missed anything because since I came back, I have taken back my rightful place in the industry.  So, it has been so good really.  So, being away for that long didn’t affect my career in any way.  Of course, when I came back, it was slow.  But eventually when it picked up, it has been from one job to the other.  To God be the glory.

When exactly did you return to Nigeria?

That was 2013.  This is 2015, and I have been nominated for Best Actress in a number of awards.  So, it has been good.

How would you describe your marriage?

Marriage has been a blessing to me.  I bless God for that.  Although, it has not been easy combining my career with home but when you’re married to your best friend and someone that is very understanding and supportive, it makes things very easy.

How many children so far?

I have a very beautiful girl.  I thank God for the wonderful blessing.

Don’t you intend to make another one?

Everything depends on God.

You’re a beautiful woman, are men still throwing passes at you despite being married?

It’s a normal thing but I always make them realize that I have been taken already.  I bless God for that.

How is your husband coping with that?

He is fine with it because he knows my job and understands me perfectly.

How would you describe the industry right now?

Left to me, the industry is now in a greater position.  It’s a lot better than what it used to be.  The way I see it now, we’re going places.

But almost all your colleagues agree that there is not much profit in movie production at the moment due to piracy which has almost destroyed the system…

(Cuts in) Yes, that’s because our copyright is being tampered with. But with the new position of President Muhammadu Buhari on piracy, I believe things are going to get better.

The public impression is that some of your colleagues are now into glorified prostitution as a result of the dwindling fortunes of the profession.  What’s your take on that?

I am not aware of that, and can’t speak for anyone about that.  But to the best of my knowledge we have a whole lot of people coming into the industry now from different backgrounds.  We have a lot of beautiful people among us.  So, I am not aware of what you said.

A lot of actresses have veered into various businesses, which business do you intend venturing into?

Not for now.  I am a full time actress.

But the belief is that because things are not working out fine, that makes a lot of your colleagues become shop owners?

I don’t believe that.  It depends on your category in the industry.  No matter how bad it is, some of us who are in the A-list category are still finding a way around it.

That means you can’t veer into any other business at all?

Yes, I don’t want to.  And if at all I want to do anything of that nature, it will have to do with filming, not any other profession.  I only like to know and learn more about the profession, not any other business at all.  I really enjoy being an entertainer.

What more do you want the present administration to do to help the industry?

They should just help fight and conquer piracy.  It’s the only thing affecting us a lot.  If Mr. President can do that for us, it’s going to be a pleasure ride for all of us.

What are the main responsibilities of a good actress?

A good actress must be able to interpret any role to the delight of her fans.  She must interpret whichever role she is called upon in a way that viewers would fall in love with it.

What was the best role you ever interpreted?

Every of my role has always been the best.  I always give my best in every role I interpret.

How many years have you put into your career?

I am over 10 years in the industry.  I thank God for that.

How would you describe the experience so far?

It has been wonderful and it’s getting better and better for me.  I appreciate and bless God for that.


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