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Disenchantment greets Lake Rice as Lagosians complain of stressful process

 In spite of the overwhelming publicity that preceded the arrival of Lagos-Kebbi rice, otherwise called Lake rice, which goes for N12,000 per 50 kg bag, a lot of Lagosians are yet to have access to the rice which they  anticipated would be a replacement for the regular brands they are used to. But to their utter disappointment, some reportedly went for N17,000 per bag rice for Christmas and new year celebrations.

Some Lagos residents’ spoke to expressed disaffection about the clumsy process involved in getting the rice. They pleaded with Lagos state government to ease the process to enable more people have access to the rice.
‘I am not even excited about it’ – LABAKE OLUSOLA

We all expected that Ambode’s rice would go round because of the noise about it so that we can use it for Christmas and New Year, but I was disappointed about the process of getting it. How can one spend almost three days in queuing for a bag of rice? You still have to come with a bank teller, just because of a bag of rice. That’s why I decided to go for N17,000 rice which was purchased with ease. So, the state government should do something about the process. We can’t be suffering that much because we want to buy cheaper rice.”


‘It’s a scam’ – ALFA MUSA SULAIMON

I wasn’t excited since I heard about the price because I knew from day one that it’s unrealistic. How can I be going through that long process because of the rice that I can get at N14,000 in Sango? I don’t think they really want to help the poor at all. As l speak, no single person has bought the so called Lake rice in my area. So, they should just make it available to people without any stress if they want people to appreciate it.”


‘The rice is even not meant for the poor’ – EUNICE CHIGOZIE
I really don’t understand what people are celebrating about Ambode’s rice. Even the price is still high for the poor. How much was a bag of rice before he took over? Now, he’s making noise, praising himself about the fake achievement. Upon all the noise, only very few people got the rice after going through undue stress. If you take into account the labour and time involved in getting the rice, you will prefer buying N16,000 or even N17,000 rice near your house. So, left to me, I don’t see anything worth celebrating in the rice at all. We hoped to eat something new during Christmas, that’s why I initially went for it but I couldn’t stand the stress involved. If the government really wants it to circulate, it should make it available in all the streets, not Local governments secretariat or Alausa.”



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