Doctors speak on why people slump and die (2)

Experts have revealed that for people to slump and die, two vital organs of the body must be involved which are the heart and brain. Either of these may have been distressed or over stretched. People are dying from treatable and manageable medical conditions such as malaria, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, hypertension and many more. These avoidable deaths are due to ignorance, deception and misinformation.

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‘People should not play with their health’ – DR. CHIOMA OBI (Living Soul Clinic)

What will you say is the reason for people slumping and dying?

People slump and die for different reasons. It could be caused by heart attack, sometimes brain problem, high blood pressure, low blood pressure or diabetes. Diabetic patients are prone to slumping and dying if it is not well taken care of. Deep thinking or frustration, stress also can lead to it. These are the basic health issues that can make one to slump and die.

How can people avoid slumping and dying?

By constant checkup. People should not play with their health. If anyone notices he or she has a medical problem, the person should make sure he or she visits a doctor. People should eat balanced diet, follow strict medical advice and also have proper rest because after a long day, the mechanism of the body needs rest.

Then exercise is very important too. With these, one will live long.


‘Self medication is not good’ – DR. SUMONU  HALIMAT (Agege General Hospital)

What will you say is the reason for people slumping and dying?

A lot of people are hypertensive and they don’t know. So, when hypertension is uncontrolled, it can lead to stroke and also stroke can occur from any other cause. The person will just slump and die. Also, there can be a malfunction in the brain and the person will slump and die.

Also cardiac arrest, the heart will stop functioning and the person can slump and die. So, there are so many reasons why people slump and die.

How can people avoid slumping and dying?

First, they have to take preventive measures by being careful of their health. People should take their health serious and make sure they check their health properly, do your regular checkups, know your blood pressure status, know your sugar level.

And if something is wrong with a patient, the person should try to see a doctor, get a diagnosis instead of self medication. For instance, some people that are hypertensive will just stop using their drugs because they think their blood pressure is under control. Before you stop, you have to see a doctor. So, to live a healthy life, you have to eat well, exercise, be careful of your health.


‘Take good diet to make the body function properly’ – DR. DAMILOLA AYOOLA

What will you say is the reason for people slumping and dying?

Most times, the body doesn’t just suddenly shut down like that. There is usually an underlining cause that such person has been battling before slumping. It is usually a chronic condition that has gotten to a particular stage that the body couldn’t take anymore, and it eventually shuts down.

Human beings have different lifestyles. We are basically what we eat. This is why we need balanced diet. We need to drink much water because it helps the immunity a lot. When we talk about immunity, it means we are talking about enabling the body to perform its functions properly. It’s talking about a good diet to make the body function properly.

Like I tell people who are always at a place for long, I tell them to walk around, do some light exercises. Even when one is at home, you shouldn’t just be idle, get something doing in order to keep the body busy. One should just be health conscious. You need to check if the blood sugar is perfect. For instance, no medical practitioner will ever advice you to smoke or drink alcohol.

Meanwhile, people keep doing these things without thinking about the effect. These are some of the things that can make people slump and die. Most times, it is heart attack or cardiac arrest. It is like electricity and it kills. Blood sugar and cholesterol level are also very important. People that are diabetic are also prone to experiencing things like this.

General body exercise is just very important in fighting slumping and dying. People should always go for general body checkup which includes sugar level, cholesterol level and blood pressure. These are the basic things. Also, they should check their weight. All these are very important.

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