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Dr. Bisi Kuku adds another feather to his crown, – Honoured with Febisara title


Dr. Bisi Kuku was honoured by his kinsman as Febisara of Balogun Kuku descendants in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state. The event brought the Kuku’s family together, as they honoured their own.  Dr. Bisi Kuku was among the eleven members who were honoured.

A plaque was given to some members of the Kuku family for their contribution to the family. Also, a posthumous award was given to some children for contribution of their late father.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with Dr. Bisi Kuku….


Congratulations! How do you feel today, sir?

I feel so good and happy because the Lord has been good to me. It takes good feeling to be honoured by the family through which one is born. I must tell you I am proud to be one of the Kukus.  I am glad that my little contribution to the family is recognized.

I am grateful to them and to my Creator. I pray the family will continue to wax stronger.

Now that you have added a feather to your crown, what is the significance of this title?

When one is honoured with the title of recognition for your contribution thus far, it will propel you to do more.

In my speech and acceptance of the chieftaincy title, I have indicted what I would like to contribute to the development of the family. I pray to God to help me. We should be able to build education funds to help brilliant students among us. Students who have challenges financially should be given scholarships.  These are some of the things I have in stock with the title bestowed on me.

What is your advice to others?  

My advice is that they must be closer to their Creator, seek His will and try to do it all the time. Once a man knows the will of God, it gets easier for that person to be able to plan all kinds of goodness. It is only in doing good that you are able to get the grace and mercy of the Mighty God.

What principles do you put in place to have achieved this great success in the family?

Kuku family is a noble one, and that nobility has been in place by our great grandfather who is the original Kuku. From history, his attribute in life was really courageous. We will continue to emulate this great man. This is the kind of a thing we, the children, want to continue and encourage others to emulate also.

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