DR. SIGN FIREMAN EXCLUSIVE! Speaks on alleged murder tale

‘My innocence has been established by the Police’

ON Tuesday, January 7, 2014, Dr. Sign Fireman Ukoha, the General Overseer of the Aguda, Surulere, Lagos-based Pentecostal church, Perfect Christianity Ministries, was quizzed by the police over the alleged ritual murder of a 12 year-old girl, Bose Ogoja by a boy, Ikechukwu Egboka, 18.  The suspect claimed he was paid N100,000 by the cleric to strangle a virgin to obtain her faeces for him to become rich.

As unbelievable as the tale goes, Sign Fireman, on Wednesday, March 5, 2014, told ENCOMIUM Weekly in an exclusive interview his story and encounter with the police.  He also opened up on his mystery life and ministry like he never did before…

The story in the media weeks back was that the General Overseer of Perfect Christianity Ministries, Dr. Sign Fireman Ukoha was arrested by the police in connection with the alleged ritual murder of a teenage girl.  What really happened?

When I got to hear about this, I drove in my car by myself with one of my pastors.  And we went to the police station to confront the ‘nonsense’, because I couldn’t understand it.  The story that I was bundled by the police and arrested is a lie.  I drove myself to the station.  A bundled man can’t drive.  So, we went there and confronted the matter.

DADWhat are the facts of the matter that made the police establish your innocence?

The story goes that I told a boy to bring the faeces of a virgin.  That’s a lie.  I have never met the boy in question.  He claimed the mother attends one of our branches in Badagry.  Imagine the distance between Badagry and Lekki, Lagos.  A lot of times, I’m not even in the country.  When did the boy meet me?  I don’t even think he is a member of any of our branches. If  I really want faeces, I could ask for it from the streets.  Why do I have to kill to get faeces?  The soak-aways are there, too. How could I even have sent a boy that is yet to sit for WAEC?  Then they said I promised him N100,000 pocket money.  When I was in school, my parents never gave me N100,000 pocket money.  It never happened.  So, if you look at the case, it is filled with tissues of lies.  Who will even rob a bank for N100,000?  Now, to kill someone, it is N100,000 I will pay a boy.  I called a boy to kill for me for N100,000 instead of N100,000,000 (hundred million)?  That’s not realistic.  Nobody can do that.  So, the whole thing is rubbish!  The boy could not even identify my house. He doesn’t know the number (address) of my house, the street or the colour.  The story claimed that the boy said he lives with me and washes my cars.  If he lives with me, what does he need pocket money for?  How do you get broke living with a General Overseer with over 100 branches?  How can that happen?  It is like you living with Bishop Oyedepo and claim to be broke.  Money for what when everything you need is in the house?

So, how did it really go with the police when you reported yourself?

When I got to the station, I told the police to investigate me based on the allegation.  They even came to the church. I said, you come and search the church, and they did.  When they couldn’t find anything incriminating, I said let’s go to my house in Lekki, Lagos.  I had to assist them because they didn’t know my house.  I was investigated for days without them finding anything incriminating me. That was why they asked me to go.  They said I’m free unless there is any other need to invite me because I have been cleared by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).  I have the document here.

...with his spiritual mentor, Late Dr. T.K Osborn

…with his spiritual mentor, Late Dr. T.K Osborn

What was the atmosphere in your church the Sunday after the police investigation?

I was in the church with my congregation.  And it was like any other service.

It was alleged that you used that particular Sunday to make money off your gullible congregation whom you asked to use your case as a point of contact to contribute money so that what happened to you won’t be their portion?

That is another lie from the pit of hell.  I didn’t even preach that day.  I didn’t even come to church early unlike before.  I usually come to service as early as 5.30.  You will see people in our church; even at 5 a.m.  That day, I got to church by 10 a.m or so.  I didn’t preach.  I met the church on.

Back to your alleged murder case, if people now insinuate that you were freed because of your status and connections in the country, how would you feel?

The facts of the matter are clear.  All sane Nigerians know you don’t use connections or social status to clear your case out of someone that said you told him to go and kill for N100,000!  You don’t need police clearance to know the story doesn’t hold water.  Again, you don’t need to bargain that with somebody living with you.  He washes your car for you, and suddenly gets broke and you now offered him N100,000 to get faeces from a virgin! Now, he can’t identify the house or street where he washes your cars.  He does not know anything about the GO’s house.  My brother, you don’t need connection to know this person is lying.  Interestingly, the police at Badagry have his record.  He was released in December for a similar case.  So, how was he living in my house in Lekki, Lagos and was caught in Badagry in connection with a similar case?  So, you don’t need any connection in a case like this.

The question now is who is after Dr. Sign Fireman?

It is a big question that would be answered next week because the people who are after me are the same people who were after late Archbishop Benson Idahosa, who claimed that the great man of God was a drug pusher.  We are talking about the same guys who fought Rev. Dr. Anwuzia of Zoe Ministries International and ran him down.  They are the same people who fought Prophet Samson Ayorinde.  They are the wicked and satanic people who battle all great men of God who God uses mightily in the miraculous.  And we will need to know exactly who are doing this and why they are doing this.  In December, a stranger approached me for the things I found which I will reveal next week how I found them. I gave a tip of it to a national daily. This same people whom I will surely expose went and burnt my mother’s house in Abuja after I was released by the police.  A stranger called me on February 11 and on February 13, my mother’s house was razed.  And you think everything is okay.  There are people who are strategically after anyone they feel is a General in the miracles. Men of God have to hear this.  This is not my war.  It is a war against all of us.  It is Dr. Sign Fireman today, tomorrow it might be another minister of the gospel.  We have to deal with this once and for all.  We have to deal with it so we can have free sail in the call and mandate God has given to us.

With threat on your life, family and ministry, will you quit?

No, because it is a mandate from heaven.  If Archbishop Idahosa didn’t give up in trying to berth Pentecostalism in Nigeria, then I don’t have to give up.  They also fought a great man of God like late Apostle Gabriel Oduyemi, claiming he was worshipping a snake.  It was published but before he died the guy that originated the publication confessed he was sponsored to blackmail him.  He is the father of miracle vigils.  If he didn’t give up when they were saying the reason he was holding vigils was because he was worshipping the devil, why should I?  But today, all men of God are holding vigils.  So, if all these great men of God were not deterred and they still brought about the revival in Christendom today, I can’t disappoint heaven at this time.

What is the mission of Perfect Christianity?

We are called to take the final move of God to the people of the world. That is my mandate.

How do you do that?

First, we are on evangelism, getting people saved and born again, getting people washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, getting people redeemed from sin.  After this, I teach people how to walk in the power of the Holy Ghost. That is my mandate.  Just like Bishop David Oyedepo said he is called to teach people.

I was called to teach power.  I want to teach every believer how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, how to use the power of God in your everyday life.  How the power of God can assist you in whatever you do. How you can work miracles by yourself.  You don’t have to line up for a man of God to preach to you.  I want to teach Christians how to perform miracles by themselves, for themselves.  Every believer knows his stand, men of God can’t cheat you.  My spiritual mentor is world renowned minister of the gospel, T. L. Osborn.  His ministry is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

What is your reaction to various allegations that some of your miracles are fake?

Which ones, please?

That is what some say…

Many of these people have never been to our service because if they had been here, they would know that many times before I pray for some people, sometimes I even call doctors to verify their cases.  So, if I’m fake are the doctors also fake?  Or are they referring to the case of the late famous actor, Enebeli Elebuwa, where they said he claimed I didn’t heal him?  The video they were circulating on Youtube was not from us in the first place.  Second, when they brought the actor sometime in 2010 or so, I prayed for him.  He was not just healed.  He came back and did thanksgiving.  We have the video.  Then, he went back to location only for him to claim in 2012 or so I didn’t heal him.  But the movies he was doing after he came to our church were not shot on his sick bed.  The fact you were healed of malaria does not mean you can’t have malaria again.  The facts are there. I never said once you were healed, you wouldn’t be sick again, all your life.  Even Jesus didn’t do that.  Jesus would say, ‘go and sin no more, less a worst thing will come upon you.’  We have well documented miracles here. Maybe I can take you…you will see heaps of crutches of people God healed here.  So, how did they go home, if they were not healed?   I can take you to our store, we had a crusade in Umuahia, Abia State where more than 50 blind people were healed. They were confirmed cases.  Some have never been here and they are saying what they don’t know.  I have been at a place and they were criticizing me without knowing I was Dr. Sign Fireman.  I sat with them. One was telling the other I come from the same town with him, that we’ve lived in the same house before.  He said a whole lot about me.  And when I told him I am the one he has been rubbishing, he said it is a lie.  Then I showed him my passport and drivers licence.  He said, ‘Sorry sir, sorry sir.’ Nobody knows me that much except some of my church members.

Interestingly, you’re not even on radio or television. Why?

That is not my calling for now.  But when God directs me, I would surely be there.

Does it pain you to hear you are controversial?

Controversy is created when an allegation is leveled against you and you don’t reply the allegation.  Thus, you reply the allegation.  Thus, you wear the tag, controversial.  But if it is replied, it often clears it.  I have not really been replying the media.  Hence, I became controversial.  It doesn’t hurt me. If you say I’m a lady that doesn’t make me one.

How then would you describe Sign Fireman?

Someone that loves Jesus like mad.  That’s Dr. Sign Fireman.

But some say you have no identifiable Christian roots, so to speak?

I was born again at the age of five.  My mother was born again in 1967.  My grandmother was born again in 1950s.  My great grandmother was involved in ministry of Mary Slessor, the missionary.  I have been preaching in churches since the age of seven, I wrote my first book at 14.  I have been holding miracle crusades, hiring grounds, stadia from the age of 19.  So, if something says the miracles are fake, so, why are the courts coming.

What drives your credo of generousity?

The Bible, the life of Jesus Christ. One Seyi Rhodes came from the UK and did a story about me.  A lot of his ‘expose’ were false.  What he posted on the net was doctored. He asked me how can a preacher be rich?  I said by applying the principles of God’s Word like every other person.  He removed it and then used the answer to another question, why do people pay tithes.  Then a lot of things I said, he twisted.  I was reading from 1 Corinthians 9, where St. Paul said he was running a race and God is a race, then I said if God is a race and racing is a game on the Olympics, then God is a game.  We say the Christian race, the heavenly race, the race we run in God. I said if God is a race and racing is a game in the Olympics Games, then God is a game.  What Rhodes did was to remove all the explanation and metaphorical allusions and did a voice over, saying Dr. Sign Fireman believes that God is a game and the game is easy.  That is not professionalism.  That is rubbish!  And that wouldn’t stop me to say that Christianity is a race like Apostle Paul rightly observed.  It is common sense.

He also displayed cars and said I have so many of them.  He refused to acknowledge the fact that these are cars people sowed as seeds.  I don’t drive seeds.  I don’t use things that people sow as seeds in church.  The place the so-called cars were parked are one of our pastors’ quarters here in Surulere, Lagos.  The guy said it was in my house.  But my house is in Lekki, Lagos.  Ask my church members, I give out those cars. I have given out hundreds of cars to my needy members.  Some sell them off to solve their problems.  I have been given over 80 vehicles by people.  And many times right in the service, I dash them out. How many cars can I drive?  I drive only one car.  There is a car I got last week, I will still give it out.

There are also a lot of celebrities in Perfect Christianity, what attracts them to your church?

The Bible says we should preach the gospel to every creature.  The celebrities, as you call them, are all part of God’s creature.  I love everybody.  And people, no matter their status, respond to love.  This is the only church I know where part of the offering of the previous Sunday is shared among the poor.  Which church does that? Last year, I gave out all my property as seed. I brought them to church for my congregation. I can show you the pictures.  No matter what people say about you, your life speaks. That is just the truth.

How is family life?

I thank Jesus.  I give Him all the glory.  I got married last year.

What is the sweetest thing about being married?

The sweetest thing about being married…the Bible says two is better than one.  The Bible says it is not good for a man to be alone.  So, He gave Adam a helper, Eve.  Marriage is meant to add help to what you are already doing.

She is really enjoying you?

That is an understatement.  When you come on Sunday, you will see her for yourself and by yourself.

You were 40 last year?

No, I’m not even close to that.  I’m an adult (laughs).  If I’m 40, how old is my mom who is a lecturer?

Where do you hail from?

Ohafia, Abia State.

Is your dad alive?


What is your ultimate ambition?

To take the final move of God to the people of the world.

Is that also the legacy you want to leave behind?

The legacy I want to leave behind is getting people saved, saved like it has never happened in any generation and seeing every believer walking in the power of God so much so you don’t have to join a queue.

What are your real names?

I’m not Ofuche.  My names are Dr. Sign Fireman Ukoha.

Were you born with these names?

Yes, these are my names.  My documents bear the names.





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