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. . Restates commitment to hand over affairs of State to capable hands

Lagos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola, SAN on Saturday felicitated with Christians in Lagos and the world over, saying that the season doubly affords a commemoration of sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the celebration of the successes of the nation as a democratic entity.

While urging everyone to tap into their inner resilience and the inherent intuition that they are known to possess when it comes to making the right decisions and choosing leaders, the Governor reiterated his determination to hand over to capable hands.

In his Easter message to the people of Lagos, the Governor stated that irrespective of where each person comes from, the love of Lagos trumps every ethnic or religious differences.

He reiterated that “Lagos belongs to us all and as such we are duty bound to see it delivered into the hands of able leaders”, maintaining that the good work which his administration started in Lagos and which it intends to see come to fruition must not be stunted.

He stressed that his administration has launched several developmental projects which will run a course of several years, adding that some have been completed, some have just been started and others are still being deliberated on.

The Governor who said he finds the argument for continuity very persuasive and compelling maintained that the recently concluded presidential elections was empowering in its own right.

“One hurdle has been scaled and there are a few more to go. Our young democracy has experienced a growth spurt within the last few days and for it to continue to grow; we must all come out, vote right and vote for continuity”, he stated.

He gave a commitment that the residents can rest easy knowing that the present administration has their best interests at heart and would continue to fulfill her obligations to them by providing improved services in all sectors of the economy.

The Governor implored everyone to keep working with the State Government by obeying the law, being vigilant, looking out for one another and fulfilling their own obligations as citizens.

He said though, this year is going to be last time he would send out Easter messages in his capacity as Governor of Lagos State, he remains committed to handing over the helm of affairs to capable hands.

“Nevertheless, we all have our work cut out for us because the process of leading our country back to the path of peace, progress and greatness is one that requires our collective efforts”, he asserted.

Fashola stated that this Easter is not just about felicitating with brothers and sisters who sacrificed and denied themselves during the Lenten season in commemoration of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ but also celebrating the successes that have been recorded as a democratic nation.

He described the Easter period as a season for glad tidings, selflessness, tolerance, giving and love and a reminder of the perseverance of Jesus Christ, an attribute which everyone must imbibe in their daily dealings.

The Governor also said it is a season for sober reflection, a season to remind everyone that the collective resilience is always bigger than the size of all the nation’s challenges.

“The celebration of Easter and its different phases, this year, is indeed pertinent. This nation has made its sacrifices; we gone through dark times and have come out triumphant. In more ways than one, Easter came early this year. We have overcome and crossed over into an era of positive Change. I would like to believe that the end of the Lenten season coinciding with the elections was preordained”, he said.





APRIL 4, 2015

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