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EBUBE NWAGBO admits being single but not searching, ‘Marriage will come at the right time

+ Set to launch Posh Divo


DELECTABLE and curvaceous actress, Oluebube Nwagbo is living her dream. Aside acting, Ebube has in the last three years built a hair accessory brand, Posh Hair by EB. She has also been involved in other related lines of business.

In this exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly’s Associate Editor UCHE OLEHI, the popular thespian opened up on the huge success of the brand as well as how she had remained on the top over the years.

On love life, Ebube said she’s waiting on the Lord to reveal who she would spend the rest of her life with.


What’s new for Ebube?

It’s work, work, work. And business wise, we have a new product called Posh Divo. It’s going to be launched in two weeks.

Can you please tell us more about Posh Divo?

Like I said, it’s our new product. It’s 100 per cent Brazillian Virgin hair. It’s the first of its kind in the market.

And how’s the Posh Hair brand doing?

It’s doing very well after three years. We are getting there. In fact, we are on our way there. I’m happy we’ve gone this far in just few years. Our aspiration is to remain the best hair product in Nigeria and indeed Africa.

Is that where you are taking Posh Hair?

Yes, to the next level, where God wants it to be. I will do my best and leave the rest to God but I will definitely work and do all I can do. So, I leave the rest to God.

You have been there, stardom wise. What has kept you at the top?

I try to be myself. I don’t try to get out of my way to be what I’m not. It’s not easy to be in the limelight. You just need to be yourself to survive. It’s a crazy world out there. So, I will sum it up this way: being yourself, remaining relevant and focused. Consistency matters a lot in what you do; hard work and determination too.

What to you are particularly the challenges of stardom?

Be yourself, because you tend to live your life for people, everybody expects you to do something in a certain way. You forget you are human but I’m not complaining. God chose me to be here. So, I will deal with it.

It seems you have enjoyed media support all through, how have you been able to do that?

(Laughs) You should be in a better position to answer that. All I can say is that you can’t run away from the media. It is like being in a relationship with somebody you can’t just do away with. You have to know how to deal with them. I can’t ignore the fact that you can’t do without them. They have to be there. For me, the press is actually the first estate of the realm. The power of the press is awesome, I must tell you.

Ebube is good, kind, beautiful, elegant, rich and famous. So, when is she getting married?

(Laughs) At the right time. I’m not in a hurry. It will happen at the right time.

Is she in a relationship at the moment?

No, I’m not. I’m very single but not searching.

What would you be looking out for in a man?

Nothing in particular. When he comes, I will know.

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