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Effects of having multiple sex partners (2)

Sex may be addictive when you have it every day.  It can become dangerous when it is with multiple partners. 

We spoke with doctors on the effect of having sex every day with multiple partners.



Having more sexual partners leads to a greater risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) such as HIV/AIDS, other life threatening conditions like prostate cancer, cervical cancer and oral cancer. If the person has HPVC (Humam papillomavirus), it can lead to cervical cancer, oral or throat cancer.

It also has more behavioral risks, such a person is always less happy.



The person is at risk of having infections disease, that risk is very high. Some of those diseases are life threatening while some are not. Such a person is exposing herself or himself to a lot of illness, who can tell if the partner has a disease or not.

Diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, human papillomavirus (HPV). It also has psychological effects too. It could lead to psychological disorders that may affect such a person’s behaviour. It could lead to greater rates of anxiety and depression.



It comes with a lot of risks. There are sexually transmitted diseases such as HPV on the part of the female. If it is not well treated it can lead to cancer. For the man, the frequency of sex will determine how easy it is to have prostate cancer.

There is also the risk of having sexually transmitted infection (STI). If he has sex with an infected lady, the man can pass such infection to his wife, most especially female related infection.

It is not advisable for any human being to have multiple sex partners, the society frowns at it. It is not proper, morally, physically and medically. Unprotected sex is equally dangerous.



The main thing is the transmittion of disease – it goes from the little to the serious and the incurable. Such a person can have PIB (Pelvic inflammatory disease). If not well treated, it can cause infertility. It can cause hepatitis, HIV. Some cancers are rated to having multiple sex partners.

For the male, since they don’t have cervics, they can infect their wives with the female related diseases. Morally, the society frowns at having a multiple sex partner.

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