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Entrepreneurs advise staffers on how to keep their jobs and fly high in a difficult economy

It’s usually very difficult for both employers and employees to keep their jobs and fly higher in a difficult economy. Such is the situation of things right now with some entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to. However, they all highlighted some ways of dealing with the situation.  



In a difficult economy just as we’re experiencing now, there is nothing you can do as an entrepreneur other than to romance what the economy is saying at the moment and adjust to suit your business. You don’t operate beyond your limit. Also, the same factor affects your workers. Left to me, I see my workers as those that have also been experiencing the same thing with me and they all stay.

So, I don’t consider the option of sacking any of them unless anyone that chooses to go out of his or her own volition. We believe it’s just a situation and can’t last forever.



Staff members need to optimise their contribution to the organisation, contribute to the profitability of the company and be creative, these ways as an employer you will be enthusiastic about such people and can’t let them go even if the economic situation is not favourable, you feel there’s a chance for breakthrough amidst tight circumstances.

It would be the contribution of the staff to the turnover of the company on regular basis, then also his/her strive to improve and contribute beyond job specifications. I like when my staff are creative, we can do the thinking that drives results together.



In a difficult economy, staffers can keep their job by adapting to new rules, guidelines and regulations which, of course, may be difficult.

An employers can adopt different means of keeping his staff:

1.Tasking staffers to be more productive so as to meet up with the new economic challenges

  1. In order to avoid laying off of staffers, an employer can result to salary reduction
  2. Also employees can resort to longer hours of work to achieve more result.



For now, everything is at a standstill, businesswise. We don’t even have much to do now in our company because of the economic problem facing the country at the moment.

There is no correct policy direction yet. No doubt, there is a difficult economy but with God, we’re coping. Now, we don’t know what to do. As far as I am concerned, I can’t sack people and I can’t increase their salaries. I want to keep my job. And also want my workers to keep theirs. So, we’re all working towards the same goal. Why it’s difficult for me to take a drastic measure at the moment is because when things were normal, they were all loyal to me. They’re all hard working. Even now, they still stay despite the poor situation of things. They resume and close as expected. They are even ready to go beyond the call of duty. So, who do I sack? That means we only need to endure the situation till everything becomes normal.



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Staffers should ensure that they do their work diligently. They should abide by the rules and regulations of the company they work for.

During difficult times, I think employees should be lenient in enforcing new rules. They should talk to their staffers more and know what they feel too because it will help a lot.

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