As the scarcity of petroleum products enters the third week, business owners have been counting their losses. Some of them ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with narrated their ordeal and how to arrest the situation.


SHIRLEY IGWE, Shirlz Mega Concepts Ltd. – For an economy that depends mainly on fuel for domestic and industrial activities, any disruption in distribution would surely affect business negatively. And that’s our case here.

The first week was the worst because we couldn’t buy fuel to power our generator. So, that whole day was wasted. When we later found petrol, it was sold at about N140 per litre. Depending on where we bought it, the situation is largely the same.

We are calling on the Federal Government to sort out whatever issues with major petroleum marketers. The call for private refineries should also be addressed so we can stop fuel subsidy and importation of products we have in abundance.


YINKA QUADRI – The on-going fuel scarcity has affected my business and perhaps every other business around. We find it difficult to fuel our cars, and moving from one location to another has become extremely difficult. This has therefore slowed down every activity, but no matter how, man must surely eat.

So, we need to cope with the situation. I think federal government and the marketers need to reach a permanent agreement on the major issues leading to the perennial fuel scarcity so that the nation can move forward. The power and oil sector are the two most important sectors that shouldn’t be handled with levity.


OMOWUNMI OGUNDE, Temi Boutique – Fuel does not really affect my business. It’s just that I need to make my customers comfortable when they come into my shop. I use air-conditioner to make my shop more comfortable for everyone.

What I would recommend is that government should make life more comfortable.


BISI ADEEKO, Bisiano Signatures – It has been really bad for over one week now. I have to run my generator everyday because we don’t have light and it has been expensive buying petrol which has reduced the income of the company.

They should pay the workers regularly and they should be able to reach an agreement instead of going on strike every three months.


DIJE BADAKI, Dehaza – It has affected us negatively. Movement of goods from one point of purchase to another has greatly increased. We need to meet up by adjusting our price but, customers won’t understand this. You need to sit them down and convince them. Some reason with you while others don’t.

Unless we start refining our oil here in Nigeria by building new refineries, there won’t be an end to this crisis. The new government must make it their number one priority.


MINA HORSFALL, Mish Concept Ltd. – It has not been easy. Even commuting to work is a big problem. Business is suffering. We can’t continue to buy petrol at exorbitant price without passing it to customers. Something should be done.

I recommend that experts should be commissioned to review the subsidy regime. This has encouraged corruption. How are we sure of the so called N200 billion debt owed marketers in the name of subsidy? The oil sector needs to be probed.


DEMOLA ADUNOLA – Fuel scarcity has been affecting every business here and there since there is no flow of vehicles from one place to another.

A lot of people that may want to patronize us find it difficult to do so. There has been a very low patronage since the fuel scarcity started. What I will advice the government to do to curb the situation is to look into subsidy issue and resolve the whole thing once and for all. If that’s done, I believe there will be a permanent solution to the problem.



Sprinkles and Cocktails

We have been buying fuel for N120 on normal basis. We were lucky to get at N100 per litre. It has made the cost of production higher and because of the state of the country, we can’t increase our prices. So, it has reduced the income of the company.

The government should refurbish our refineries or build new ones. When we have refineries, there would be competition in the industry and fuel price will fall. It’s better that way and cheaper for Nigerians. We won’t even complain any longer.


STEPHEN NWAOZUZU, Nukai Global Limited – It has affected our business a lot. We need electricity to preserve some drugs, we depend on the government source. They have failed us. We bought generator yet still find it difficult to buy fuel at the normal price. Our products have spoilt and it cost a lot of money. Without electricity, we lose our customers and our products.

The only solution lies with the government. We, the citizens, only speak our minds.


MARY BALOGUN, Beauty Fair Shop – The fuel scarcity is making business dull, I don’t have customers as before. Both the prepaid and postpaid customers they don’t see fuel.

Prices of goods have been increased and we don’t buy at the normal prices so we can’t sell at prices we used to sell. Customers complain, but there’s nothing we can do about it. The government has a very vital role to play in bringing down the price of fuel.


SUNNY EZE, Sunny Investment – Fuel scarcity is really affecting everybody but in the area of business it’s worst because of transportation.

Everything has increased. I don’t really have much to say but as a Nigerian, you can see what is happening in this country at the moment. I don’t know where the problem is coming from but I think the government is in a better position to know and solve the problem.


PRECIOUS KALU,  Precious Boutique – The scarcity has hit us badly and I must say it came at a wrong time. Customers give the excuse that until the new government comes with their policy, spending will be at minimum. We had that to contend with, now fuel is scarce and sold at higher rate.

I’ve had to be very mindful of the use of generator. I only put it on when it is absolutely necessary, unlike before. I just hope it’s resolved in the coming days because we can’t continue like this.



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