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Entrepreneurs groan as traffic gridlock worsens (2)


Traffic gridlock in major cities in the country, especially Lagos has become worrisome, and this has been affecting free flow of business. The entrepreneurs ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on this also lamented the ugly scenario, therefore enjoining the government to find lasting solution to the problem before getting out of control…


IGBINOVIA OMOLOLA, Loolah Novia Designs

The traffic situation in Lagos has been terrible. Driving from Ojota to Ojuelegba in the morning is horrific. It should take nothing more than 30 minutes on a normal day but I spend over three hours now.

As an entrepreneur, making deliveries hasn’t been easy with the traffic. It slows down business. There are lot of alternative roads in Lagos. If they can improve the roads, it would increase the inflow of cars on the major roads and also tanker drivers are killing too many people on the roads.  I would be glad if they can construct alternate roads for tanker drivers.



Lagos traffic is evil. It sets back business. You can’t meet an appointment, if you are able to conclude a transaction successfully in the day. It’s not easy at all for business. If you have an appointment on the Island and Mainland in the day, only God will help you to meet up.

Bad road network and poor traffic system makes it difficult. They should start thinking of tunnels (underground transport) and briefs on Lekki/Epe roundabouts.

Lagos state government should not buy helicopters. They are not needed yet. It would amount to absurdity to buy choppers.



Lagos traffic gridlock is quite terrible and disturbing. It’s really affecting my business. In most cases you can’t predict the number of hours you spend on the road getting to your destination, and that alone kills a lot of appointments.

Even some of those hoodlums take advantage of that to perpetrate their evil. I think the government should concentrate on the repair of bad roads along the main routes and also fix all the link roads to reduce the heavy traffic on the major roads. It’s by doing so that there can be free flow of vehicles and business activities will thrive.



The traffic situation in Lagos has generally degenerated because of the bad road structure. It slows things down and one cannot be able to plan any journey without adding extra hours for traffic. I cope by being patient and plan with traffic in mind. Also, studying areas with much traffic and the time it actually starts has also been helpful. The solution is to upgrade the structure of our roads and a lot of patience is required from road users.



Lagos traffic has gone so crazy that it’s affecting everyone. You can’t predict when you will get to your destination and that’s really making business near impossible. It’s affecting us so bad that we’re atimes afraid of taking some jobs, especially if they are urgent. I had to give up a job because I knew I couldn’t get there as scheduled.

What I would suggest is that the government should repair all the bad roads fast so as to reduce traffic. Also, the government should order traffic agents to see to all these trucks and tankers blocking roads all the time. Government should also provide more comfortable buses for Lagos state workers so that they won’t be hitting the roads with their cars all the time.


BUNMI AHMED, Hotpot Catering Services

Traffic has reduced so, I’ve not experienced any gridlock whatsoever on Lagos roads lately. I really can’t attest to one thing, I just know Lagos traffic has been fair to me. Time is money. Less traffic, more time. Punctuality is the soul of business. It has helped my business. I want the government to improve on what is being done presently that made roads free.



It’s worse and it’s really frustrating. It really affects a whole lot of things because when you plan to visit some important places, you end up not being able to achieve whatever made you leave your house. I think LASTMA officials should be more empowered.



It increases the cost of goods and leads to loss of many hours. The government can help by recruiting more traffic control authorities.

I think checkpoints on every road should be removed. Government should enforce and punish parking of vehicles along one-way. They can also help by making parking restrictions on the road and provide alternative routes. Road users also should be educated.


ADEBUSOLA KAZEEM, Eighteen 8 Event

The traffic in Lagos is now something else because it is so horrible. I would say it’s getting worse. It has really affected my business through so many ways. It makes products and materials get to me late. I don’t get to buy everything I need at once because of time constraint, I would have to go to a location per day and another location the next day. Ordinarily, I can use just one day to get everything I need.

It’s been so dangerous for me because sometimes, I have to go through bikes to get to the place I want to purchase materials. Getting to events have been adjusted due to situation because I wouldn’t want to disappoint the celebrants.

Let me share my experience with you. Three weeks, I went to Trade Fair Market to get some bead materials, and Yaba to get some deco materials, you won’t believe I didn’t get home until the next day because we spent good five hours on the long bridge that leads to our redemption camp. Same thing happened to me last Thursday. I was on the road since 2pm and got to Ibadan only 7pm. Now I am so scared of travelling especially to Lagos which means I would have to make do with what I have to satisfy my customers, till probably next year. I would have to put in extra time for any event in Lagos and its environ.

Lagos government should please repair the roads, more traffic officials should be deployed and at strategic places, trailers and tankers shouldn’t run in the afternoon/evening because they are the major cause of most traffic in Lagos.



Traffic situation in Lagos is appalling. A lot of people will agree with me that the situation has become annoying and disgusting. It’s really bad. As an event planner, I get to work with a lot of people, and a lot of logistics gets to play in. People involved in our business have to move from one place to the other. Some short comings sometimes in our business can be traced to traffic situation in Lagos.

Personally, I believe it won’t get better until the government declare a state of emergency on the traffic situation. No tolerance for pot-holes, create alternative routes, build a lot more bridges, more major roads, I mean, if our fore-fathers didn’t build the third mainland bridge and other major roads, what would we be using now? Nigerians keep increasing in numbers daily and we are not making provisions for a better future. May God help us.

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