Business owners have protested the worsening power supply, while lamenting it’s killing business. Some of them who barred their minds on how this development frustrating business urged the Federal Government to address the problem…


SUNNY EKEH, SE Media – Power supply in Nigeria is very poor. I can rate it 10 percent out of 100. Reduction of power has really affected our business so badly.

Imagine you have to run on generator from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Sometimes we work late, we spend more on fuelling, and you can’t tell a client that you couldn’t deliver his job because there’s no electricity and you can’t charge them more considering the high level of competition in the industry. Poor power supply has reduced our profit drastically and increased the stress in production.


BRIDGET MESAH, Bridget Beauty Salon – Power supply is epileptic everywhere and our businesses are going down by the day. Most of my customers when they come to wash their hair and there’s no light, they leave because most of them complain that the dryer is hotter with generator. The light is not affecting me alone but everybody as far as you are a Nigerian. I have to manage with my generator for those who are ready to pay.


TUNMISE OGUNBEKUN, X5 Media Concepts – Power situation is a real pain in the neck. I spend N6,000 weekly to power the generator and between N3,000 and N4,000 when light is available. In addition to this, we still pay our light bills.

We had to raise our charges. But some customers, especially the regular ones, only agree to the old price. The profit is reduced, it’s not been easy. We are coping and hoping that the incoming government will do something about it.


HYACINTH EBUKA, Ebukason Enterbiz – My kind of business doesn’t really need light. Light is affecting everybody but one must not depend on it because it can fail anytime. Any businessman who depends on public light is not a serious person. Please, the government should do something about it.


LINDA AMARA IKE, Linda’s Pot – The issue of power in Ogun state in particular and indeed across the country is embarrassing. We operate for many days without power, so, we resort to generator.

This has been very expensive. So, we want the in-coming government to address this issue.


MINA HORSFALL, Mish Mega Concepts – We are perturbed about power in this part of the country. To say the truth, we spend quite a lot on petrol. And we can’t continue like this.

We are appealing to the relevant authorities to improve power supply in the interest of our business concerns.


JIDE ONAKOYA, Kleenrite – Power supply generally is getting worse by the day due to drop in generation. The cost of procuring diesel for generator is really biting deep and is affecting our business – both production and profit margin.


OLAJIDE GREAT MCDEDE – Electricity supply this time around is very poor. I can even say we have never had it this bad in the last few months. We run the office almost 24 hours with generator. And there is no sign that there is going to be any solution to the problem so soon.

When we close at work, we face similar problem at home. We fuel and service generators both in the office and at home. The amount spent on this is not small at all, and that has been affecting my business.

I am using this medium to appeal to the incoming government to find a lasting solution to the problem, if there is adequate power supply, every other thing will fall in place.


ATINUKE OLUWAYEMI, Saint Andrews Pharmacy – Electricity has been stable here, we don’t have it always but it’s much better. I really don’t need electricity for my business except for some injections I need to put in the fridge. But it’s getting better here in Akute.


FOLAKE SHOMUYIWA, Shomuyiwa Publications – The supply of electricity has reduced drastically. It has affected my business in a negative way, I now buy petrol to run my generator most times.


BANKE ADEWUNMI – I don’t think the government is serious about power sector at all because I have not noticed any improvement. It has, instead, gone down drastically. And that has been affecting every business in the country. If at all you say your business is not directly connected to electricity, one way of the other you will surely need it to do one or two things that have to do with the business.

So, we all need regular supply of electricity. The situation right now is worse. We only hope that with the incoming Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s government, will bring a change in the sector and all other sectors of the economy.


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