Entrepreneurs on mentorship in business (2)

A mentor is a guide who helps a mentee to find the right direction. He can also help a mentee to develop solutions to career issues.

Mentors rely upon having had similar experiences to gain an empathy with the mentee. Considering the importance of mentoring in building a business, we asked entrepreneurs their take on mentorship…



Having a mentor in business is a sensible thing. When you want to establish a business, you need to find out those that are successful in that field. This will be of great help. In my chosen profession, I know those that made it and those that didn’t. I study both and tell myself that if I want to achieve greatness, I have to tow the line of those that are relevant. I will then ask myself what made them successful, then follow their path. Mentoring can be either direct or indirect. But all I know is that, it really helps in every business.



I believe in mentorship because it really guides one in any business. In my business, I have enjoyed that and I am still enjoying it. The more you grow in business the more you learn. And no matter how perfect you think you are, you’re still going to see some other people far ahead of you in that same business. So, you need to learn from them by directly getting in touch with them to teach you one or two things or studying them and what they do. If you don’t have any one, you’re looking up to as a mentor in any business, you’re not likely to succeed in that business.



Mish Concept Ltd

Mentorship is good. We all need mentors to succeed in our line of business and career. This has also helped me in many ways. I usually call my mentor when I have any issue. So, mentorship works for me.



Mentoring is okay for young entrepreneurs because they really need to be put through the business they are into. I would say mentorship has worked for me and my team. My mentor comes handy whenever I need his counsel.



Much More Technology

Before you go into any business, you must first talk to people who are already into such business because they will have knowledge on what the business is all about and the kind of challenges you may likely face. You have to meet people for advice which will help in the business.

Before I went into the business I am doing presently, I went to people who have been doing the business for long and they gave me advice and today I’m enjoying the business. I have benefitted from it.


DIJE BADAKI, Dhadza Fashion

It is very important to grow a business. It helps in giving new directives, innovations and it’s one of the few things that has really helped in growth of enterprises in our generation.

My business has benefitted immensely. I’ve attended so many mentoring workshops that have really assisted my business.



Having someone you look up to in whatever you do is very important. You learn from them, their success story and all that. Even when they fall into any pit fall, you learn how not to go the same way.

I have learnt from their success story, I have applied some of the principles to my business.



Bisaino Signatures

For me, I know mentorship is a process and always involves good communication skills and is relationship based. So, nobody can ever go wrong in mentorship as long as business is concerned. In fact, it helps shape the business and the person going into the business.

For me to be a lover of mentorship, then surely my business has benefitted immensely from it.



Chinoson Ventures

Mentorship in business is quite good in the sense that before you venture into any business, you have to look at what the business is about and you will see some people that can give you advice on the kind of business you want to do. You must have someone you look up to.

Mentorship has helped me a lot. You can’t just wake up one day and go into business you know nothing about, you have to learn from someone who has been there before and seek advice.



 X5 Media Concepts

Mentorship is key to business growth and development. It provides direction because the mentor has been there and has experience. It makes things easier for the mentee and prevents wastage. Sure, I have benefited from it.



Nukai Global Limited

From experience, I can say we can’t do without a mentor. It’s very helpful to have somebody you look up to and somebody that looks up to you. It helps.

Having a mentor has helped me a lot in my business.



Gawgeous Makeovers

Mentorship in any form or mode of business is very essential because it is an informal transmission of knowledge and psychosocial support given from one person unto another who is not only ready to learn but to put such knowledge into immediate use.

I would say my business has benefited a lot from this in so many unexplainable ways.

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