Entrepreneurs on mentorship in business

A mentor is a guide who helps a mentee to find the right direction. He can also help a mentee to develop solutions to career issues.

Mentors rely upon having had similar experiences to gain an empathy with te mentee. Considering the importance of mentoring in building a business, we asked entrepreneurs their take on mentorship…


Mentorship is a good thing in every business or profession. You must have someone mentoring you directly or indirectly, if you want to move forward in your field.

I have learnt a lot from so many people, especially my mother when it comes to business. And I believe in mentorship because it helps sustain business. It has really helped me in my business and career.


Yes, I believe in mentorship in business. It really helps and it has helped my business a lot. My mentor is Mr. Block Uchu. I am always grateful to him for mentoring me. As he did for me, I am also doing for others who are also looking up to me. So, mentorship is good in every business.


Having a mentor in whatever you’re doing is one of the most important things to do. It is said that one should learn from other people’s mistakes because one can never leave long enough to make all the mistakes himself. So, having someone who had made mistakes in your field before becoming successful as mentor is a big plus for an aspiring business person, because not only will you benefit from his experience, he’ll help you avoid many mistakes.

Yes, I have benefited immensely from my mentors. I benefited a lot from a person like Zeb Ejiro in movie making and I benefited hugely from my father in general business.


Lawrence & Company Ltd

Mentoring is necessary for business growth in the sense that you can’t know it all. For me, I have mentors whose wise counsel have helped me develop my business.


Mentorship in any form of business is one of the best strategies that anyone can benefit immensely from when setting up a business. It never goes wrong.

My business has benefited from it in a million ways and I appreciate all those who have been there for me. I strongly advice everyone should seek mentorship at every point of their business.

SHIRELY IGWE, Shirlz Mega Concepts

Yes, I believe in mentorship. We all need to learn one or two things from those who were there before us. I have benefitted from mentorship in my line of business and profession.

ADESOLA EDE, Cream It All Confectionary

It is very good because so many people gather knowledge from others about their line of business if it would be of benefit to them or not. And it depends if you have a good business mentor or a bad one. I have immensely benefitted from it‎ and it is helping my business grow day by day.





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