Entrepreneurs on secrets of business success (2)

There are values business owners must cultivate to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

And they revealed a few of them in continuation of our series..


There are many ingredients that make for success in business. Chief among them are hard work, passion and dedication, high vision and high risk taking. Every business has trade secrets, and every business person that intends to excel must avail himself of those secrets. They also must not fail to network with the major players in the industry they operate in.

To be able to do so, they must never try to operate in isolation. They should be conversant with every emerging trend in the field of business they have chosen to operate.

JIDE ONAKOYA, Kleenrite Drycleaners

You must have a product/service, business plan, desire/determination, customer base, internet/website, advertising/marketing, customer service.

They are all interwoven. Owning a business (no pun intended) is serious business. Owning your own business is a far cry from working for someone or even running someone else’s business. As a business owner, everything that affects the business affects you. If you are like most of us, you are putting all that you have into your business. Owning a business can be quite stressful and sometimes you might even question whether it’s all worth it. Believe me, it is.

But that’s where your determination and desire kick in. Being knowledgeable about and enjoying what you do also help. If you enjoy what you do, the difficult days won’t be so bad.


Always get your priorities right first. Then avoid biting more than you could chew. Always learn new things and put your clients first. Don’t give them what they have eaten before. They deserve a higher taste, and the best all the time. Then you must be passionate ad consistent in what you’re doing. You can realize all these when you plan your day well and you’re also prayerful because with God, all things are possible.

PRECIOUS KALU, Precious Boutique

I believe that if you consistently do the right things, success is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. That I would say is my key. I started in 2010, today my store is stocked full and customers come. God has been faithful, I have also had to do my part.


First, one needs to be focused. Then plan with good prioritization method. Avoid sentiments as much as possible. Try not to mix pleasure with business. Above all, hand over everything to God. All these and more can only be realized with deep sense of commitment and by being prayerful.

UZOR NGOLADI, Strategia Media Blast

Since most of our jobs are service-based, sticking to quality, timely delivery and excellent public relations are key to our success. And we encourage our team to embrace all these.

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