Entrepreneurs on work and social life

Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, many business owners make out time for leisure and socials.

Here are more reasons you should consider creating time for fun…

JOHN NJAMAH – Colorbar Media

I am a fun person. I like to play a lot when I am not working. There is a strong difference about John the actor and John the regular person. I love listening to music when I am not working, watch movies and hang out with my friends. I play football and I am an Arsenal fan. That’s how I play.

I do not joke with my work. So, when I am relaxing and when work calls, it’s work time. I usually don’t mix business with pleasure.

ANITA AJAYI – A-Beta Entertainment

The kind of work I do is all season. I just choose my vacation at my own time, mostly at the end of the first quarter of the year or the middle of the year.

Relaxation is an essential part of good living and sound health. Relaxation affects small business a lot. It also enables small business strive in the sense that, when we travel, we network. Relaxation also helps to strategize on tactical decisions for possible spontaneous growth.


Most times with my family at home. I also hang out with friends at some occasions because our job is like having fun and making people happy.

It affects my business in a lot of ways. I am refreshed and relaxed by the time I am going back to work. I get new ideas to doing new things. We do our shows at a month intervals, our next one is coming on February 2, 2014. So, before then, we work and rest for great ideas to push the show.

KACHI NWANNA – Coded Apparel

I try to go out and listen to cool music while eating. The cool music helps me come up with ideas.

LANRE AKINYEMI – Product 7 Clothings

I relax by attending fashion shows, watch movies and read fashion books. I learn new things, latest trend in the fashion world and I get refreshed. The purpose of attending all these fashion shows is to get myself equipped for doing new things in my work, meet new people, friends and customers.

BIOLA ADEBAJO – Evergreen Events

Once in a while, I relax on Sunday nights at an exclusive lounge in GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. It is such a place where shots come in to mingle and relax. I have over time mixed with high profile personalities, top government dignitaries and celebrities that come there regularly, and while we eat and drink and enjoy beautiful live music, chances of result oriented networking is endless.


When I am not working, I watch movies and just relax at home. I also go to the gym and eat more. How it affects my work positively is that when I am watching movies, it expands my imagination, as a film maker, it helps me see other views. And of course, I get new ideas if I have to plan an event or feature in a new production. Going to the gym keeps me alert and agile for the kind of work I do.

CHIME WAYNE BROWN – Urban Estate Platinum Services

Yes, I make out time to associate with the right people on social ground. I hang out with friends who might be my client some day. Yes, it promotes my business in many ways. I have sold some property to a lady I met at a lounge. More juicy deals have also come this way.


I watch films and I read. Reading and resting help me to ease stress and tension. The brain will relax and it will become more creative.

BETHEL NJOKU – Handcuffs Entertainment

When I am not working, I love to hang out and discuss with friends and meaningful people. It helps develop my ideas and creates more network for me, which in turn improves my business.

TONI PAYNE – Toni Payne Concept

When I’m not working, I relax with a movie, rest in bed or go out with my family. The body needs a break. Resting helps rejuvenate the mind and when the mind is well rested for work like mine, you tend to be more productive.


Most times, I am at home with my son watching television. At least, once in a week you take your mind off business. By then, you might have been recharged.

It affects my performance and business positively because when I go back to my job, I double my strokes.


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