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‘Every hour after my daughter was takenwas like 24 hours’ -Oladapo Ajelero, father

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to the father of the kid. He shared his pains while she was away and his joy since he reunited with his daughter.

How do you feel after being reunited with your daughter?

I don’t think I can explain it. She was kidnapped on  Sunday afternoon between one and two. But with God on our side, she was dropped in a church in Abeokuta, Ogun state. It is not something anybody can explain, even the police cannot explain the whole thing.

From the time she was abducted, every hour of the day was like 24 hours. When we were called and we went to Adigbe Police Station, Abeokuta on Monday, I was with a deacon. Immediately I saw her, she just ran across and I said, that’s my daughter!

That moment was like a burden was lifted off me.  On Monday night in the house, as we were together, I kept looking around and asking, ‘Are we really complete?’ because on Sunday night, we were not.

How about your wife, how did she react?

She grabbed her. She didn’t leave her for about 15 minutes. Nobody could separate them. As we are speaking, instead of her to be in the main church, she’s in the children’s church.

My daughter, the first born just told me their mom had been with them since morning. We are happy. It was God that found her, not anybody. But I will give kudos to Adigbe Police Station in Abeokuta. They took care of her, bathed her and even gave her breakfast.

When I saw her, she was playing around. Though her cloth was dirty, they said they didn’t want to change it for that day. Had it been she had stayed beyond that day, they would have changed it.

I am happy even though the incident halted everything I had to do for the week. I am just getting myself back now. I thank God for everything.

Has she told you what happened since she returned?

I asked her when I felt she’s really active like yesterday in the night while we were on the bed. She said she doesn’t really know what happened but it was someone that she knows that took her, even the police said that. I think so too because my daughter is a child that 95 percent of the people in this church cannot carry. She doesn’t really allow people carry her; even people who have lived with us cannot carry her. So, for her to be taken, it must be someone she knows. She said they put her on a bike, then they entered a bus. I believe she slept off in the bus on their way to Abeokuta. She said they took her to a clinic, then to a church. I asked again where they took her she said it was a place where people were singing, the next thing she found herself at Adigbe Police Station.

On that day, how did you find out your daughter was missing?

I was actually upstairs when my other daughter came to me that somebody told her she had been taken away by some people.

Were you contacted by her abductors?

Of course. Immediately she was taken, they called our reverend who was at a convention in Owerri, Imo

state, telling him if we are looking for a child, they have kidnapped her. I think they took our bulletin, got his number from our bulletin. Our reverend now called those in Lagos before we started making calls. We were talking on phone till around 6 from 3pm. Later, he said he doesn’t want to talk to me through someone else’s phone, so I called with mine.

He asked a funny question. He said, “What can I do for my daughter?’ I said I could do anything, he now said what if he asked N5 million. I told him he can’t equate my daughter to N5 million. He said that means she’s worth more than N5 million, I said ‘why not!’ He later brought it down N500,000 then to N300,000. We had arranged to meet before I found my daughter. There is no explanation for it. It is inexplicable. The police man in Abeokuta said in his nine years on the job, he has not seen anything like it. It’s just God.

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