Ex-PMAN boss, BOLAJI ROSIJI resurfaces with Gaurapad Charities ‘Why I’ve been hibernating’

FORMER PMAN President, Bolaji Rosiji has resurfaced with a people-focused business model.  Operating under the aegis of Gaurapad Charities, the human rights activist and son of late Chief Ayo Rosiji, industrialist and two-time minister of the Federal Republic hopes to empower over a billion people in the years ahead.  To achieve this, Gaurapad leaders from the 39 recently established centres across the country are currently in Lagos for a retreat to help improve their services to humanity.

“Gaurapad Charities has lifted spirits, touched hearts, and demonstrated that citizen activism and service can be a powerful agent of change in the world.  The group carries a huge responsibility though it is a labour of love.  Through this programme, powerful life-saving therapies have been made accessible to the common man,” Bolaji Rosiji, one-time Secretary General of Network of Nigerian NGOs and United Nations Ambassador for Peace explained.

“Amidst all the wealth in the country, there are people who are hungry, homeless, jobless, ill and ignored.  This fundamental belief is what gave birth to Gaurapad Charities.  The foundation with over 35,000 members is simply a platform for thousands of unemployed, widows, students and professional networkers to establish their own independent source of income.  The Gaurapad Wellness range is the means.”

Gaurapad MD/CEO, Bolaji Rosiji spoke with ENCOMIUM Weekly on his charity initiative, life after PMAN, music career and more…


Where have you been?

I have been hibernating.  They say when you are building you need to concentrate all your energy on it.  And that’ what I’ve been doing.

You seem to have given up on your music career, what really happened?

I have not.  Music will always remain in my heart.  I’m just waiting for the opportunity to be able to come out with something unique and new.

What about the numerous empowerment programmes you were pursuing even after PMAN?

It continues.  We just need to be patient. We’ve got a lot to offer, I must tell you.

So, how is life after PMAN presidency?

It has been great. I still maintain very cordial relationship with Nigerian artistes.  They know I mean well for them.  That is why they answer me whenever I have a programme and invite them.  We are one big family.

But this is definitely not the PMAN of your dream?

Every organization or even family has their differences, and I know the music house will sort things out.

Let’s talk about Gaurapad Charities, what inspired it?

Gaurapad Charities is a platform we’ve been exploring for over a decade.  It is a project that teaches people how to fish, rather than giving them fish.  I’m happy to announce we have over 35,000 Gaurapad Charities members here in Nigeria and beyond our shores as we speak.

Gaurapad is a movement, a charity and also a product.  Is it everything?

I have a complex personality.  I work well with complex situations.  But in a nutshell, it’s still our NGO.  What we have done with Gaurapad is to create a platform to empower people.  We are providing financial security for people and for millions who normally couldn’t afford the conventional medicine, Gaurapad products come handy.

Can you please share some of these products with us?

The most important Gaurapad product we have to alleviate suffering in Nigeria is the one on Imuniti.  That is because it has a broad spectrum activity.  People use it for so many ailments, ranging from fibroid, prostrate issues to immunity-related issues and more.

We also have Gaurapad Anti-Toxin…

It naturally draws out toxins from the body.  The product depends on the age-old therapeutic technology medically called reflexology.

Is it NAFDAC approved?

Yes, of course.

How available are they?

We have them always available and affordable.  Don’t forget we want to reach over a billion people with our products.  Interestingly, you don’t need to swallow them.  We are using the most recent medical technology.

10 years on, how has the Gaurapad project fared?

In terms of product distribution, we are just two years.  And we have covered almost all parts of the country.  110 per cent of the profits from Gaurapad is for charity.  When we have contributed our quota of helping a billion people achieve healthy body, mind and soul, we would have realized our dream of holistic well-being.  We have paid our N450 million in bonus and commission incentives.  In fact, we want to change the world.  That is why we also gave leadership and excellence awards to Gaurapad leaders.

The trend now is for brands to be promoted by celebrities as ambassadors.  Have you got Gaurapad ambassadors?

Yes, we have Charly Boy (Charles Oputa), Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) and Osita Iheme (Pawpaw), Tina Mba, Oritz Williki.  We are still collaborating with them on how to spread this good news and liberate our land from abject poverty and diseases.

Business wise, is Gaurapad making it?

I will say yes, because some who joined us months back now make over a million naira every month.  You can talk to them.  We are changing lives.  And make no mistake about it, one billion people will feel our impact.

You have finally dumped celibacy?

Sorry, that’s my private life (laughs).

So, how’s life at large?

Life is good.  We are here to serve humanity.



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