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Excitement greets Buhari’s new picture from London

The first picture of President Muhammadu Buhari after 78 days in London is the source of excitement on across social media.

The picture of the ailing 74 year old retired General having lunch on Sunday, July 23, with chieftains of All Progressives Congress to in Abuja House, London (the United Kingdom) is receiving kudos as well as some knocks.
After his Sunday, May 7, departure to receive treatment for an undisclosed ailment, this picture of a smiling President in dark tunic and cap debunked several wicked tales his trip has generated.
Here are some comments on the picture…
  • Rotimi Daramola 🎥‏ @Mr__Rotimi  -They should start holding the weekly FEC meetings in London too henceforth…Africans&greed, ordinary to resign na wahala.
  • Kelly Cynthia‏ – Apparently London is the new FCT
  • PortHarcourt boy‏ @BoyPortharcourt -Abuja house not Aso rock…. get sense!
  • Emeka Uzoma‏ @charlesdev100 – Seriously,, This guy’s are monsters, governing 180 Million people from another man country capital
  • HAMILTON©‏ @Udeozo1 -Soon London will be my village…useless APC MEMBERS
  • Valar Morghulis‏ @Deut_ -It was held at the Abuja house London, so I guess that counts.
  • Mr Bean Kupengo‏ @kupengokjell – see the idiots went to London to eat. Wicked men#fools
  • HARRISON 👑‏ @harrydubby – So he’s a president to only APC members not Nigeria. This is the worst administration
  • Akpan Ubong Joseph‏ @talk2ubong – APCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC! ONE CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ehime‏ @Iam_volltz – The new capital of Nigeria is London 🇳🇬 🤔
  • Victor Adeyemo‏ @VictorAdeyemo2 – Many twitting now are disappointed the president is alive and not even on life support like they exclaimed to Nigerians. Y are we like this?
  • Wisdom Sagacious‏ @WSagacious247 – You are funny..Then let him come this week if that picture is real..74days already ooh
  • Aimioshor‏ @DarlingtonEgua – Why only APC govs? Is he an APC or Nigerian president? D media ve com again wit anoda lie, baba is on life support
  • abdul-lati willis‏ @waltronic5 – Absolute nonsense
  • Gray‏ @Prinzgray – is oyegun now also a governor? These are Governors in Diaspora
  • MacAshley Adams‏ @iammacashley – Is he now an APC President? Almost 3 months Nigerians did not hear from him and he now meets with APC clowns? He must be impeached
  • KOLADE KB‏ @kbbadmus – This doe not look now joor, has channels started to join the gang of false news spreading medias now?
  • Emeka González‏ @eeeze8 – Shameless niggurs. Y’all leave your country behind having square table meals
  • josh‏ @joshuainnocent – The beginning of the end of Nigeria… This is the highest level of foolish leadership
  • Wisdom Sagacious‏ @WSagacious247 – Please come back this week if this picture is real!
  • Victor Adeyemo‏ @VictorAdeyemo2 – Those who want the president dead will be searching dictionary now for what they will use to describe this. Bad belle
  • Hussein Adam‏ @yerwamafoni – No, LONDON is not the Capital of Nigeria nor the Capital of Hell where you wish PMB to be but God is Great and Nigeria will made better again
  • Uduma‏ @udumaokoro3 – Bunch of liars
  • i am chibuike‏ @chibuike_chosen – What nonsense. Is London now the capital of Nigeria?
  • RealTalk‏ @amaju96 – shame of a nation, see them all fooling themselves!
  • Emeka Uzoma‏ @charlesdev100 – No Shame, seriously
  • RealTalk‏ @amaju96 – when does London’s becomes Aso rock? Or has it been moved there? Stupidity of a nation leaders!
  • #Val‏ @ValiantNig – One moronic Governor said he would commit suicide if PMB returns alive. Is he listening to this news?
  • Tazan amos‏ @Amos27448425 – we go just carry his belongings and take it his new home in london
  • Grace John‏ @GraceJo30910269 – Apc propaganda… Buhari is London president isn’t? Jokes of day!Wasting our taxpayers money unnecessary, let he resign.
  • Don Belly‏ @don_belly – 9ja leaders.. may God give u pple wisdom to lead this country rite n not fooling yourselves internationally. #FANTASTICALLYCORRUPTLEADERS💰👍
  • Alagba Ken‏ @AlagbaKen – Look at what APC Leadership has turned Nigerians in2. No single act of how to unite her Citizens, except d Leaders feeding fat in d system.
  • MIND‏ @MbamaliEbuka – This shows the cabals are more important than osunande 😀😁😀😁😀😁😀😀
  • Sani Ya’u‏ @SaniYau14 – good news, wishes him quick and speedy recover
  • Eric Afam‏ @afamsson – Scam of the century, the picture was taken far from PMP.Critical look at the president from afar shows that  he his really sick.Propaganda
  • Success K. Uchime‏ @successkuchime – Nigeria is in a crossroad and only divine intervention will see us through it!
  • Goodman‏ @Goodman58458718 – This is fake picture,my point here is they may meet Buhari but this picture is not from London. Nigeria is the most currupt country on earth
  • Doris Ogale Ezeilo‏ @Hottamale001 – What about the Pdp Govs? Aren’t they entitled to their President?  This is very divisive behavior
  • Ibrahim Idris‏ @ozeeegbira – U guys should live the president alone if you have any bordering u hold ur state Governor responsible… #ISTANDWITHPMB PMB FOR LIFE……..
  • Barrywhyte007@gmail.‏ @barrywhyte080 – it is advisable next time you take gov fayose with you so that he can help fix the live support machine
  • Emeka Uzoma‏ @charlesdev100 -Jackie and hyenas have killed the Democracy, PDP cultivated and nurtured for 16 years
  • Gboyega‏ @mayoraiku – I think this drama is going too far. I love PMB but I completely disagree with this London show.
  • Mercy Renyi Amirize‏ @AmirizeMercy – Am sure they encouraged him to resign!!!
  • NMN 🇳🇬‏ @NoMediocreNaija  – Can you guys please clear the air on when this picture was taken?
  • d_thomokoro‏ @ac0a8eb6bd6140b – Wow! This picture has broken so many hearts…they won’t sleep well tonight. FFK and Fayose need to come up with more tales to liven them up
  • ojaigho kelvin‏ @ojaighokelvin -shameful!
  • Juliannie‏ @Juliannie3 -So Nigeria have another brach in London OK oooh
  • olateju james‏ @olateju_james -There’s a place in London  called  Lagos, forgotten?
  • Juliannie‏ @Juliannie3 – I don’t know ooh until na, it shall never be well with them for turning this great nation to a joke
  • kelechi frank‏ @khelebucci1 – I pity Nigeria
  • Echezonachukwu‏ @EcheMunonye -Hope this picture is seen by Fayose and FFKayode, the men leading PDP.
  • Olusegun OLOPADE‏ @Segolopade -PMB is dead & dead & dead, now that the same PMB they wished dead is not only alive but well d food is their headache. Bad belle go kill una
  • Ken begold‏ @Slynx100 –Channels too has joined them in telling lies to Nigerias that picture was taken when Buhari returned from London the last time
  • Ken begold‏ @Slynx100 –Was there prior information that they were going to see him? It tells the whole story
  • Esther Akudo‏ @AlimEsther –They don’t need to give prior information before going to see him tbh. Don’t claim that this pic is an old one without proof.
  • Ken begold‏ @Slynx100 –But they did previously the first time they went to visit him when he was in London

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