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Family and colleagues reveal intimate secrets at Moji Olaiya’s graveside: ‘Moji was peaceful and friendly’- Bayode Olaiya

Colleagues, family finally bade actress Moji Olaiya bye till they meet to part no more on Wednesday June 7, 2017, at the Ebony Vaults in Ikoyi, Lagos. Mojisola Christiana Raimot Olaiya was laid to rest and her final resting place was a tomb in a private cemetery on the island.

Colleagues, family and friends spoke passionately with ENCOMIUM Weekly of the late actress, the times they had with her and the memories she left with them.


What was your relationship with the deceased?

We are cousins, I am Victor Olaiya’s son, so we all grew up together.

You’ve known her all this while?

Yes, I have.

How would you describe her?

Not going to be far from what everybody have been saying about her. Charming, pretty, calm, she was very slow to react to things, she liked to listen. For me, she was peaceful and friendly.

When was the last time you saw her?

I think I saw her this year, during her birthday, that was in February because we are just days apart that was when I saw her last.

What was your last discussion?

It’s nothing much, just the normal things “how are you doing?”. Nothing serious than to ask about her well being and how the media is going. You know, I was at her last premiere Iya Oko. So, I just followed up and asked when the part two was coming out, that was just what we discussed last.

Did you ever see any sign that this was going to happen?

No, I am not God, I can’t see any sign.

What will you miss about her?

Yes, I will miss many things about her, especially the fact that she has been building the name (Olaiya). After Victor Olaiya, we hear about Moji Olaiya. We miss her presence, we miss her carrying our name, most of us will miss the fact that she is not around us again and she is not around her mother, her baby and her 18 year daughter. I think that’s all we will miss about her.

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