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Fashion, style experts tell us what’s hot this Christmas season!


– How to rock them

Christmas is here again! The season of love, joy, happiness, goodness, sharing and caring. It’s the season when no one will want to look out of place, not even the kids.

And as is usually the case, fashion trends change with the season. ENCOMIUM Weekly presents the trends this season and how to rock them according to fashion and style pros…


‘The ankara fabric has never stopped trending’

-VALERIE BOGLO,  fashion designer

Valerie Boglo

Valerie Boglo

What are the trending colours and pieces this season, and how to rock them?

Ladies would go for nicer elegant fabrics during the festive season. The ankara fabric has never stopped trending because it’s available, affordable and most of all very colourful. Another that’s always been trending is the lace fabric. At any given time of the year you can rock the lace fabric to any occasion.

For women, fullness and volume is what’s trending on social media and this festive season would even witness more of that. Stylish women try to stay elegant every day with their detailed skirt and blouse or their fabulous dresses made with several yards of fabric and to complement the look, they add flawless make up on to give themselves better presentation at function.

Another notable trend is the male-inspired look for women popularly called the danshiki vogue (shokoto and buba worn by women instead of men). It’s usually made of ankara or plain fabrics. What makes it very sexy is the addition of high heels to complement the chick look.

For men, we see slimmer trousers trending. Short sleeve buba worn with agbada is also trending among the younger generation. Well-tailored bespoke outfits for men is what we see now. Today, men’s fashion has definitely come to stay.


‘A more casual approach to the dapper style is advisable this festive season’

-AKIN  FAMINU,  fashion stylist and blogger

What are the trending colours and pieces this season?



Trends in men’s fashion, so far in the year and extending to the festive season have been of utmost versatility, from well tailored suits to an African classic, the agbada, and what better way is there to step out in style this festive season than being clad in these trends, some of which are well-tailored suits, traditional attires, especially the agbada, afrocentric style, a more casual approach to denim and prints!

How to rock them?

A more casual approach to the dapper style is more advisable during the festive season. For example, you can style a double-breasted suit with a pair of jeans, a nice pair of shoes, double monk straps or oxfords for that classy look, or even sneakers.

The festive season is a time to relax, have fun, loosen up a bit, and it’ll be evident in your outfits. A pair of nice leather sandals with your traditional attire isn’t a bad idea at all either. Summarily, dress according to the occasion in question during this festive season.


‘Less is always more’

-SHADE YUSUPH, fashion designer

Shade Yusuph

Shade Yusuph

What are the trending colours and pieces this season?

Due to the festive season, the trending colours are red, green and white. Fringes are really hot now. So also are palazzo pants and crop tops. For guys, the trend right now are vintage pieces; vintage shirts, ties, etc.

How to rock them?

Less is always more, but since it’s the festive season we are allowed to be glamorous. For instance, you may not necessarily want to wear a fringe dress, but you can always carry a fringe purse or spice up a plain top with a fringe neck piece. So, you can always play up your outfits with neck pieces or statement purses.


‘Women go for long-fitted dresses’

IRENE IDENEN,  fashion designer

Irene Idenen

Irene Idenen

This season for aso ebi, the colours currently rocking include teal green, sea blue, coral and peach. In terms of style, women have become more conscious of their curves and all, so they go with a lot of long-fitted dresses.

Also trending this season are high waist asymmetric skirt with fitted body tops or crop tops.


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