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‘Fashola is a failure’ – Nigerians lampoon minister over poor power supply

Despite the fact that the Minister for Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) has pledged to meet the 10,000 mega watts of electricity generation that President Muhammadu Buhari promised the nation before 2019, some  Nigerians spoke to  poured out their anger over the long wait and Fashola’s inability to turn the power sector around since he was assigned the portfolio, months back. They labeled the former Lagos state governor a failure and an emblem of incompetence.


“Nigerians Have Lost Confidence In Fashola” – Abeeb Alao

With the current of power supply, I don’t think vast majority of Nigerians have any hope in the minister of Power, Babatunde Raji Fashola again. To me, Fashola is a failure. I think it’s because he is not familiar with the terrain. But at the same time, he should be able to perform a little in that sector. I am totally disappointed in him just like I think every Nigerian is”.


“I think Fashola should go” – Obi Uzor
Fashola is a brilliant person, no doubt about that. But I think he has too much on his neck being a minister in charge of three important ministries. My problem is not Fashola per se but Buhari who assigned him three portfolios at a time. He can’t succeed in any, especially power sector. Initially, I thought he would be made Minister of Justice and Attorney General for the country only to hear that Fashola was named Minister of Power, Works and Housing. Now, he has not succeeded in any, instead he is calling for increase in electricity tariff which is abnormal. I think the man should resign.”


“Fashola has disappointed Nigerians” – Funmilayo Alabi

“We can’t be waiting till 2019 before enjoying relatively stable power supply. It’s even a shame for Fashola echoing Buhari’s promise. Was that what he promised us when he was campaigning? So, Fashola should just go and sit down. He has disappointed us. You can feel the heat everywhere. No light, no fuel, everything is just getting worse by the day. Business is dull everywhere. If this was the change we voted for, I reject it in Jesus name.”


“Fashola is a novice in power sector” – Kemi Olamide

I think it’s a mistake asking Fashola to man three important sectors as a minister. He should have been restricted to Works and Housing. He doesn’t know anything about electricity. I think he should be replaced with another person who is an authority in that field. We can’t continue to be in darkness. Light is very important in our day to day activities”.


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