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Fast rising Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin reveals how she fell in love with acting

‘Liz Benson was a great role model to me while growing up’

Salma Mumin is from the northern region of Ghana. She grew up in a polygamous home with two step-mothers and many of 1-Salmasiblings. The actress who is now at the peak of her career, in an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly said she developed great interest in acting because she loved the way veteran Nigerian actress, Liz Benson interpreted her roles and always wished she would grow up to be like her someday. Coming from a poor home, Salma revealed that while some of her colleagues got their break on a platter of gold, she had to work her way to the top with the help of a friend she met while in her final year at high school. It was that friend that introduced her to a movie producer, Abdulsalam Mumuni and the rest is history.

When asked what it takes to be a top notch actress; she said that based on her six to seven years experience in the industry, she has actually learned a lot and has become a better person in her career, adding that it takes lot of hard work and patience.

She said, “I started from the scratch. I played Waka pass roles as we call it (laughs). I also played some roles without dialogue, and bit by bit, I learnt from my senior colleagues, read a lot of books, watched movies to improve my acting skills and here we are”. She added that the industry is unpredictable because you can be a nobody today and the next moment you become a star.

On her experience with some Nigerian top actors and actresses she had worked with, Salma said the experience was awesome, acting with likes of Tonto Dike, Jim Iyke, Patience Ozokwor, IK Ogbonna and so many others. Recently featured Adeyemi in her soon to be premiered movie, No man’s land, Mumin said Nigerians are really hard working which is one of the reasons she likes to work with them, they are nice people.

Speaking about her new movie, she disclosed that she fell in love with the story and wanted to do something with it by investing into the industry aside the fact that she also featured in it. She wants to give other people the chance to exhibit their talents and make their dreams come true. No man’s land, she revealed is about peace, war, love and it also portrays the uselessness of conflicts and wars in our present day and need to strive for peace.

On her plans aside acting, Salma said she is studying Marketing at the moment aside acting, and also has other businesses that take her time.  She added that settling down to make a home is something she really looks forward to because she is the type that loves being around her family. So, if she finds the right man today, who is ready to marry and have children with her, she won’t hesitate to take the bold step, even though she is not in any relationship at the moment. “My  ideal man must be somebody that will love me for me, must be well to do and we can raise a family together and support each other financially. He must be basically rich. I mean, nobody wants to be poor. Some people like to cut around it and…but it’s the truth, nobody wants to be poor.

“I’ve experienced poverty and don’t even like talking about it”.

She added that she is not from a rich home because both parents are poor, and so she owes everything to God who brought her this far and she is thankful for the great opportunity.

On her advice for up and coming talents, she said”, It’s not easy to get to where you want to be, so don’t give up. There were times and there are still times that I sit and cry like a baby, wanting to give up, but I didn’t, because nothing good comes easy. So, I will advice that they stay focused”.





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