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Fayemi rubbishes stomach infrastructure, says it is an insult to the people

Erstwhile governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi  has rubbished the practice of distributing rice and money to woo voters (an act termed ‘stomach infrastructure’), saying it is an insult to the people.

Speaking yesterday (October 20) during a programme on Channels Television (titled, “Politics Today”), he asserted that the lot of the Ekiti people was bettered while he was in office; and wondered why the new governor (Ayo Fayose) and his followers were criticizing him.

He said: “What they mean by stomach infrastructure abhors me and many people know that I am not going to partake in it. I am not going to go out on the streets and start distributing N200 to the people because I want people to hail me…I don’t come from that school of politics”.

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