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FEC meeting cancellation brews suspicion on Buhari’s health

The cancellation of the Federal Executive Council meeting today (Wednesday, August 23), which held all through the absence of President Muhammadu Buhari, has again fueled suspicion on his health.

Many are claiming that reasons advanced so far for Buhari not using his office, working from home and postponing the meeting show that he’s not fully recovered.
Here are some comments on the cancellation of the meeting…

Rooli KU:

Nigerians are not fools! If the president needs to rest, say that plainly. That an office that he vacated just over three months ago will require three months to renovate it because it was invested by rodents is absurd. This type of statement ridicules Nigeria. Is the president’s office located in the jungle? Definitely, there are adjoining offices of his staff and advisers that were not vacated during his absence. I wonder why those staff could withstand those “invading rodents”!


Tejiri olarinde:

I just spoke with someone with contacts at the Villa and he said the story of rats invading the President’s office is a lie- there’s nothing wrong with Buhari’s office. N4bn was budgeted last year for fumigation the Villa yet rats still invaded the place? It’s a fat lie to cover up the fact that Buhari is still too ill to work fully and needs rest.

By next week, the story will change to something else. APC is a lying machine and the truth abt that evil party will b revealed one day. Is it also rats that prevented the FEC meeting from holding? Lying govt!


Danladi Rabiu olarinde:

The president can work from anywhere and may decide whether to hold FEC meeting or not. He has not broken any law. Those who want to take power through the back door should wait till 2023 when pmb 2 terms expires. We are vigilant this time and never again shall we be shortchanged. Walahi talahi no amount of noise by disgruntled Wailers will make buhari to succumb to their wishes, Impossible!


WJasper  ben:

The man has held over three solid meetings since he returned.

Some of the meetings lasted for over 3hours.

Allow the man to focus on key assignment.

Or were you not part of people tha wanted him to address the SGF and NIA scandals?


Nwokoma Izuchukwu:

…instead of telling Nigerians the simple truth that the President due to ill-health, cannot discharge his duties efficiently from his office at the Aso Rock Villa where he will no doubt be attending to divergent issues which will further compound his health, hence the need to operate from his home to allow for close monitoring in event of emergency.

Is it not ridiculous that rodents ravage Aso Rock of all places? Is there no fumigation system on ground?

Again why only the office of the President? Why not VP’s office? or is it that the VP spends every night in the office?

Presiding over FEC meeting that he is yet to preside for over 3 months should be sacrosanct than receiving the report of the panel on SGF which he can do tomorrow or any other day.

#Lies no de finish for this government mouth?


Mohammed Yusuf:

Buhari is a man of justice, if anyone refuse to follow the justice steps shall be punished. So he can not be blame of cancel FEC meeting.


CJ olarinde:

Their attempts at disguising the truth are pathetic. They know Buhari is seriously sick. The Nigerian democracy is still a joke. We are still unable to hold our leaders to account.

Well, Nigerians should stay tuned to Yaradua de ja vu again (Yaradua charade part 2).


Omogiate Aigbovo:

I said it! I knew they will give one flimsy excuse to hide PMB from the public. So the report (as if anything is coming out from it.)is more important than the FEC meeting, abi?


Tunde Akinlade:

Is this not a sign that he’s still not healthy and strong enough?, the tactical dodgery of the FEC meeting is a good pointer looking at where he just came from.

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