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Female Islamic singer, Queen Seidat Al-Mubarak battles colleague over impersonation (2) ‘She’s only jealous’ –Queen Ubaidat

How do you feel as you’re celebrating 10 years on stage today?

I give thanks to Almighty Allah that today has come to pass.  I feel very much happy and celebrated about today’s event irrespective of the fact that some people had planned to disrupt it.

Why and how?

Yes, about four days to the event, there was a publication by a soft-sell magazine (not ENCOMIUM Weekly) which caused confusion. It was published in the magazine that I wanted to celebrate 10 years in the industry, and that’s even the headline of the story but in the body of the story, there was a kind of mix-up as part of another Islamic singer’s interview was added to my story.  The name of the artiste is Queen Seyidat Rasheedat. It was published that I would be celebrating 10 years on stage which was of course correct.  But after going through the story, I saw that it was also reported that I have been singing for 19 years.  And before then, Rasheedat and I have been having issues relating to identity.  Sometime last year, I went to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s house, Rasheedat was also there.  The way she greeted me that day when she was passing surprised the woman I was with.  The woman had to ask me what was really happening between the two of us and I said nothing was happening.  But when the woman asked Rasheedat, she said point blank that the two of us were not in good terms.  The woman was baffled with what Rasheedat said. She advised that we should take life easy as the sky is wide enough for all birds to fly without jamming one another.  Everybody there were surprised to hear what she said.  They tried to probe her further on the reason she made the statement, she said I have been hijacking her clients, they no longer invite her to shows and engagements because of me.  The woman finally settled the matter.  And since then, I have not heard anything again.

There wasn’t any quarrel again until few days to my event, when she started fabricating stories about me.  She told people that even the house I built in Sango, Ogun State, is hers.  She said my car belongs to her.  My cars are many, I don’t cruise around in just a car.  The house she is referring to was designated for supplication (As-Salatul) which I started over six years ago in Ibadan, Oyo State.  It’s called Olohungbebe Islamic Foundation.  I just launched the Lagos chapter today and was happy to see a lot of dignitaries that came here to support me, including senators, governors, House of Representatives members.  In fact, the list is endless. I give glory to God for that.

What did you do about the mix-up in the story?

Yes, when I saw the story, I called the attention of the publisher to it, and he promised to make an amend, that it was a mistake.

But Queen Seidat Almubarak told us you have been impersonating her for long, and that won’t be your first time of using her name to defraud the public.  She even accused you of exploring her Facebook, Tweeter and other social media platforms to perpetrate your evil and therefore causing an embarrassment for her in the public…

(Cuts in) It’s all lies.  I don’t impersonate anybody.  She is lying.

She also claimed you once lived with her when you’re nobody and that’s why she accommodated all your behaviours, not knowing you could go wild to the extent of defrauding the public in her name.

That’s not possible!  This is my 15th year in marriage.  So, at what time did I live with her?  I am happily married and I live with my husband.

She said she has been in the industry for 19 years, so she was surprised to discover you’re telling people that you’re Queen Seidat Almubarak and you wanted to celebrate 10 years on stage.  What’s your reaction to this?

I don’t think she needs all these things she is doing.  I don’t expect that such a thing could be happening among those of us calling ourselves Islamic singers.  I don’t think we should be barriers to other people’s success.  We’re supposed to be role models.  I only believe that whatever Almighty God has done for me, no one can destroy it.

But both of you look alike…

No, we don’t. I am even fatter than her.

And a lot of people said you were close before?

No, we only greet each other when we meet.  We’re not even friends.

Now, what do you intend to do on the allegation of impersonation she leveled against you?

I have handed her over to God.  But if she continues tarnishing my image, I will drag her to court.

Before the whole thing got to this level, why didn’t you inform your leader, Alhaji Wasiu Kayode Sodeeq?

She didn’t give anybody a chance to intervene before she suddenly made it a public issue.


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