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‘Foreign exposure has helped my music’  – Italian returnee, BABIBEVIS boasts

ITALIAN-returnee, Osaro Bevis Agho better known as Babibevis has confessed that his overseas sojourn has really helped his music.

Disclosing this in an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the fast rising singer also said he is not scared of competition.

The Edo-born stylist, model and songwriter equally took us through his music career, revealing it was actually his mom who discovered his singing talent.

Currently signed on to B n’ B Infinity Record, Babibevis, who had a degree in Styling and Modeling while in Italy, returned to the country last year with a single, Swagger, featuring Terry G.  His debut album, Never Too Late, with the hot single, Jadore, also ruled the Italian airwaves before he recently released another impressive song, Carry You Go, written by award-winning singer and songwriter, Harrysong.

We asked Babibevis what’s special about his music, his love life and more…


What’s unique about Babibevis?

Babibevis is very unique because it is a combination of two names given by my mom and dad.  Babi was given by my mom and my dad gave me Bevis.  So, I had to combine the two to get Babibevis.

What’s Babie?

My mom said she gave me Babie because when she gave birth to me instead of me crying, I was like singing.  She said that when I was crying it was as if I was singing.  So, I became her pet and she gave me Babie.

What kind of music do you do?

I generalize my music.  I would say I make music to make people happy.  I sing pop, R n’ B, reggae, jazz…In fact, I do world music.

What do you do differently in your music?

What I do differently is that I try to use Italian language, ‘broken’ English and formal English in my music.  I also try to send a message to the people out there.

You seem to be a polyglot?

Not really.  I speak Italian perfectly.  I can also write Italian perfectly.  I speak a little bit of German and French, that’s all.

You are coming into a highly competitive industry.  Are you not scared?

Not at all.  I’m not scared because there is always a way and a place for everyone.  As far as you are good and you are doing what you do well, there would always be a market for you.

You said you started singing when you were seven years old.  Are you not worried you’ve not yet hit it big in music?

No, because when I was in Italy, I used to sing in clubs and other places.  But I took it more seriously when I released my album, Never Too Late.  I had a popular song there entitled, Jadore (I adore you).

So, would you say travelling out helped your career?

Yes, it did help me a lot because if you call me now as a stylist, I would put a more professional touch to your job than a local stylist, no matter his or her exposure.  You know I have got international exposure, having worked with global brands.  I have equally been exposed to professional music, which is evident in my recently released songs.  So, travelling out has obviously helped my career.

Between music and styling, where would you concentrate now?

It’s music for now, because that is what I’m promoting.  But later I would come up with my own brand in styling and modeling.

Are you home for good?

Not really.  I would be shuttling Italy and Nigeria.  Maybe at a month or two months interval.  That’s what I’ve actually been doing.  It’s only when I get what I want here that I would return to Italy.

Let’s know what you’ve done so far in music since your return?

I just released this single, Carry you go, which I know is massively appreciated.  The video would be out soon.  It would be widely promoted in all media platforms.  My song appeals to both young and old, especially those in love.

And now you are talking about love, can you share your private life with us?

No, that’s why it’s private (laughs).

But you sure love women?

Yes, I love ladies.

Any particular specification?

She has got to be tall, fair, skinny.

Has it been difficult for you to get one?

Not at all, but I just want to be reserved and concentrate on my music.

Where are you taking your music to?

The skies.  I want to be a music star.



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