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Former Wazobia FM’s Matse Uwatse explains why she moved to Nigeria Info + ‘I want to go into politics’

MATSE Uwatse is an on-air personality who cut her teeth in journalism via her programme on Wazobia FM.  In an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, she explained the reasons why she moved from Wazobia FM to Nigeria Info and sundry issues.


How has life been since you joined Nigeria Info?

Life has been fun.  It has been very amazing and challenging moving from one label to another.  There was a time when I had to practice my diction and pronunciation because I was so used to presenting in pidgin.  But it was rather simple because English is something I grew up with, so it was not too difficult to handle.

Can you share some of the new challenges you have been facing in Nigeria Info?

Diction majorly. Sometimes I come across words that I have to pronounce with the right sound. But with pidgin it was easier because I could pronounce it with the pidgin accent. But it’s not really a challenge as virtually every presenter has the same problem because English is not our mother tongue.

Why did you leave Wazobia FM?

I needed something more challenging.  I got too used to using pidgin and I needed something tougher, something that would broaden my horizon.

What do you miss most about Wazobia FM?

I miss my fans.  They still miss me though, because some of them still come to Wazobia FM, and tell me how much they miss me there.  At the same time, I am growing as a person and I am moving forward in life.

Any regret?

None at all.

What is the nature of your job at Nigeria Info?

I do the evening show from 3 p.m to 8 p.m.  The show is all about politics, current affairs and situational issues.  We basically talk about everything worth talking about.

Some fans alleged that since you joined Nigeria Info, they have not been hearing a lot from you, why?

Nigeria Info is a relatively new radio station.  It’s just 10 months old.  Comparing it to Wazobia FM and Cool FM won’t be fair. But as a new station, we are doing very well.  We are even doing better than a lot of other radio stations.

What has broadcasting done for you?

Broadcasting has done a lot for me.  It has made me a more confident person and a stronger woman. It has also helped me to articulate better. It makes me very mindful and cautious of everything I say.

What has broadcasting not done for you?

I’ve not seen anything negative yet though. I see more of positive things from my job as a broadcaster.

What is the greatest thing about being a presenter?

Being a presenter has helped me to prove a little knowledge of most things. I have learnt to read a whole lot and do a lot of research.  I can confidently say there’s nothing I cannot say at least in sentence and this makes a lot of people home and abroad feel stunned. Especially abroad where they have this idea that Africans are higher monkeys and we live on trees.  When they see an African especially an African woman that has the kind of knowledge of issues that I have they feel rather odd and stunned.  Broadcasting has sharpened me in a good way because Nigeria Info is a live radio station and everything you say is heard by the listeners.  If peradventure you say the wrong thing, you just don’t know who might be listening.  Nigeria Info has helped to broaden my horizon.  Nigeria Info has helped me to be able to impact people with knowledge.

Tell us your relationship status.

That is something I have decided to keep to myself.  Of course, there is someone special, but I want to keep it safe. I would surprise you all very soon.

What type of man is your ideal man?

Definitely a matured man. Handsome, loving and God fearing.

What else are you into?

I am into interior decoration. I love to make things look beautiful.  But I do this only when I am chanced. I also do television programme too.  I am working on a television show which would be coming up on all terrestrial TV stations very soon.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Definitely doing my thing as a female politician in Nigeria. I love politics and I want to go into it.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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