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‘Gani was exceptional’ – Moh’med Fawehinmi reminisces on 8th anniversary 

It’s exactly eight years today, Tuesday, September 5, 2017, when the legal luminary and fearless human rights campaigner, Chief Ganiyu Oyesola Fawehinmi bowed out of this sinful world after losing a hard fought battle to cancer. Since, the family of the Ondo born activist and human rights community have been trying all they could to ensure he lives on.
In this brief chat with, Gani’s first son, Barrister Mohammed Fawehinmi spoke on how the family has been coping without the late legal icon and few other issues.
Today marks the 8th anniversary of Gani Fawehinmi’s death, how has the family been coping without him?

Yes, we have adapted to the fact that he’s no longer around, but sincerely we still have him in our memories. We just have to remember him always. He was an exceptional man, a man that can’t just be forgotten. That’s just the way it’s in our hearts.
What are the things you’re still missing about him?

A lot. If we look at the situation of the country, that’s something we all know he wouldn’t have been comfortable with. If he were to be alive, there are series of cases he would have filed to correct the anomalies in government. For instance, all these ministers appointed by Buhari, they are all men and women of experience. They have worked with the system and now, they have forgotten how they got into power. They’re the ones that caused the recession Nigeria is still going through. We can only blame the last administration a little. I believe the need to correct the ills in the past administration of Goodluck Jonathan was the real reason he patiently chose these men and women who have the goverrning capacity. So, none of them should give us any excuse. The only

lame one among them is the Minister of Finance, Kemi Afeosun who does not know what to do with her office. She doesn’t even know how to run the ministry. She is yet to get her bearing right since she was appointed. So, we’re in serious problem in this country. I will urge Buhari to replace the woman with a capable person.

So, not only Gani’s family but the entire Nigerians are really missing Gani Fawehinmi because if he were to be among us today, he would have fought very hard to ensure all these issues are addressed.
How much is the family trying to keep sustaining Gani Fawehinmi’s legacy?

There are directions in the will as to how to sustain a lot of his assets and legacy. We will continue to do our best in that direction.
Would you say the human rights community is still the same as Gani left it?

I will say to a certain level because every one now has a new method. But as long as some of the ills in the society are being curtailed, I would say we’re trying our best. But the truth is that some are falling by the way side.
Is there any special arrangement for this year’s rembrance programme?

Yes, but we have not yet agreed on certain things. We have scholarships for indegent students though we’re yet to agree on a particular date for that but we’re looking at September 28. He gave a lot of scholarships before he died.
So, you are to sustain that as well?

Yes, we have not stopped since he passed away. We will continue to that.

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