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Ghana’s 5 richest women unveiled

Unlike their Nigerian counterparts, the richest and wealthiest folks in Ghana are known not to parade their wealth or riches to public or live that flamboyant life style that the media can feed on. However, a Ghanaian management and consulting firm, Goodman AMC went on to study these peculiar millionaires and billionaires and brings to light their sources of wealth and their net worth which was calculated by using some degree of estimation to value each person’s assets, properties, shares, etc. They discovered three billionaires and 77 millionaires and on the list are  five women who are referred to Ghana’s richest women. They are Mrs. Patricia Poku- Diaby, Mrs. Theresa Oppong-Beeko, Mrs. Kate Quartey-Papafio, Mrs. Giffty Lamptey and Mrs. Grace Amey- Obeng and together they control $1.62 billion.


($720 million)

Topping the list of rich Ghanaian women with a net worth of $720 million is Mrs. Diaby who was involved in trading and transportation, a family business she managed for a while, but left to establish her own company, PLOT Enterprise Group in Ivory coast which deals in processing of cocoa and cotton, before coming to Ghana to start another branch. The Ghana company has a plant which has an annual initial bean input capacity of 32,000 metric tons. With a market presence in Asia and the West African countries and also registered with the Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre as Plot Commodities.


($420 million)

Dr. Theresa, who is ranked the second richest woman in Ghana, is the CEO and president of MANET Group with a net worth of $420 million. Her portfolios include Manet Housing, the second largest real estate developer in Ghana, Manet Paradise, Manet Construction which deals in civil engineering and Manet Towers at Airport City, Accra which is one of her biggest assets. Dr. Theresa who is a graduate of Politics and Sociology from the University of Ghana, Legon, first tried her business skills in fishing, but failed and even acquired a huge debt of $2.5 million at 25, got back on her feet and went for her Masters degree in Business Administration and went into real estate. According to the research by Goodman AMC, Manet  Group has built over 1,200 residential units, a three- star hotel resort with  48 rooms and recreational and leisure activities including aqua sport  and marlin fishing in Ada known as Manet Paradise.


($250 million)

This exceptional business woman has also proved that what a man can do, a woman can also do much better. Honoured in Nigeria in 2013 at the Ernest & Young West Africa Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards as one of the entrepreneurs in West Africa with a vision for the future. Mrs. Kate Quartey- Papafio, with a net worth of $250 million stands as the CEO of Reroy Cables, a company that deals with fire resistant electrical cables, conductors and accessories for the international export market. In an interview with Ghana News Agency, she disclosed that the company has completed the construction of a new manufacturing plant making it the largest electrical cable manufacturing plant in the country, producing predominantly for the international market.

She was also recently inducted into the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame in Ghana for her outstanding and innovative performance in which President John Dramani Mahama was quoted as saying, “Ghana belongs to people like Kate Papafio of Reroy Cables who has created jobs and work to strengthen the economy”.


($135 million)

Coming fourth on the list of richest Ghanaian women is Mrs. Lamptey, a business woman and wife of late politician and business magnate, Hon. David Lamptey. A mother of one son for her late husband, she is the single largest individual shareholder and stands as the Managing director of Sidalco Ghana Ltd., a fruit juice plantation and processing company and  one of Africa’s largest liquid fertilizer companies. She and her late husband discovered agro fertilizer when they went on a tour on food processing exhibitions in the United Kingdom. Though, the agro fertilizer was initially used on their farms to increase production and quality of the fruit produced for their company, they however saw the need to introduce the liquid fertilizer to the Ghanaian market due to the success they recorded on their farm, because regardless of the weather they are easily absorbed by the plants unlike the conventional fertilizer which requires rainfall to dissolve into the plants. Her net worth is estimated to be $135 million.



($100 million)

A beautician and business woman of repute, she’s estimated to be worth $100milion, Mrs. Obeng is known for helping to bring some sanity back  into the cosmetic business by strongly campaigning  against skin bleaching creams and promoting beauty products that enhance the black skin when so many products from other manufactures flood the markets with dangerous skin bleaching formulae.

Her company, Forever Clear (FC) Group of Companies include, FC Beauty College, Ghana’s first beauty therapy training institution, FC Cosmetics Industries, manufactures of Forever Skin, Hair and Makeup products and a beauty clinic which offers a beauty and wellness service. Mrs. Obeng’s company has branches across Nigeria, Togo, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Switzerland and the United Kingdom with numerous awards to show for her hard work.


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