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IF someone said Oluwabimpe Harvey to anyone, chances are you’d get a blank stare.  But say Goldie and you’d probably get an “aha!” Goldie is like an enigma. Bold, fearless and different in the ever growing world of Nigerian popular music.  The daring twenty-something artiste, who set a standard with her visually impeccable video, You Know It, recently shared some of her style secrets…

GOLDIE (2)Tell me what three beauty/makeup items that you can’t do without?  And why?

…I know I can’t do without my Dior Forever Foundation, my Dead Sea Facial Exfoliator and Mud Mask and my Forever Living Facial Toner…The Dior Foundation is extremely long lasting, I found that even when I sweat it doesn’t smear or run down like some others and more importantly it’s oil free.  The facial mask is something I use at least once every two weeks…it detoxes, clears out junk from my pores that could cause zits and black heads.  And the scrub, I use every day because I detest bumps and irregularities on my skin, and scrubs help keep one’s skin smooth.  The facial toner just leaves my skin refreshed, soft and moisturized. I use that every night.

What is your skincare regime?  What do you do for your skin from the minute you wake up till you go to bed?

In the morning, I wash my face with my seaweed scrub, have my shower also with a sponge or scrub (depending on how I feel), use moisturizing cream on my face and body, wear my makeup, touch up during the day if need be.  When I get back home, I first of all wipe off excess make up with cleansing wipes, scrub off my face and body in the shower, use moisturizing cream for my body but for my face I use the toner.  Then about an hour later, I use the night cream.

What makeup brands do you like and use –foundation, mascara, lippy, etc.  Why?

Dior and Chanel for foundation, powder and bronzers…Dior when I need extreme long lasting finish and Chanel when my skin feels a bit dry (because it has some moisturizing agents).  I use L’Oreal double extension mascara, because it has two coats, one to elongate and thicken, to nourish and darken.  Two in one lip gloss, Lancome juicy lubes.  I find them long lasting…I think they make my lips feel soft too.

What’s your skin type? (Dry, oily, combi, normal).  What are particular challenges that you face because of this?

I have a combination!  My skin ranges from extreme dryness to extreme oiliness…I find it very weird at times!  The major problem I face with this, is that I have to buy dual products, because I never know when my skin will be extremely oily and when it will dry…I just wake up and say, my skin feels dry today which means more moisturizer and my Chanel make up products.

goldie5Do you have facials?  Why do you have them, what do you feel they do for you?  Where? How often?

I’m a very hard working person, I like to do stuffs myself if I can…I do have facials but I prefer having them myself, in the comfort of my own home.  Hence I buy everything I need and use them at home when I feel the need to.

What’s the weirdest thing you have ever done for beauty?

Lo!  Studied the art of facial contouring…with the use of makeup!

How do you keep your body looking good?

A good diet, exercise, good body products, like scrubs and creams.

Do you diet?  Exercise?  Why?

I don’t diet as such. I just eat right.  If you eat right on a regular basis, you wouldn’t need to diet.  Because your body will always be just right.  I exercise to keep fit.  Cardio and fitness classes three nights a week in my home with a personal trainer/choreographer.

Do you go to the gym?  What exercise do you do?  How often?  Why?  What are your targets?

I don’t go to the gym, like I said.  I like doing stuffs in the comfort of my home. I might start going to the gym soon though, my friend advised that I start squats to keep my thighs in shape.  If and when I decide to start going to the gym (that is if I don’t do my squats jeje at home), I’ll do it three evenings a week.  My focus will be the avoidance of jiggly arms and thighs…uggh!

DSC_6509What’s your dress size?

I range between a UK size 8 and 10.

How do you relax?

At home, I relax by watching TV documentaries, sitting with a book.  Or just chilling at home with close friends and family (gisting of course).

What do you do to pamper yourself?  Spas?  Massages etc?

I have an aversion for strangers touching my bogy.  So massages?  I do go for massages but very rarely!  I do like saunas though, I could do saunas and steam rooms every day. There’s something about it…all that steam!

Favourite perfume? What do you like about it (or them)?

Chanel No. 5!!!  Classic…I like how it smells on me, rich; with just a tint of vanilla.  Plus, I get to use all the No.5 products with it. Body spray, body cream, moisture mist, deodorant, you name it…if it’s Chanel No.5?

Favourite colour? Any reason why?

Depends on my mood.  I think black is a very powerful colour.  Yeah…I’d wear a black dress with a fab design anytime…

DSC_6511Are you a lipstick or lip-gloss girl?  Both?  Why?  What brands do you like best?  Why?

A gloss isn’t complete without a lipstick, but I can use a lipstick without gloss.  Lancome.

What things do you like doing to your hair?  Why?

My hair?  Hahaha!  I’m a very low maintenance chick when it comes to my hair.  It’s either a wig?  Or it’s braids.  I fix, but very rarely. Like I said, I’ve an aversion to being touched by strangers. So, the braiding, I can bear because I know it will last me at least a month before someone has to lay his hands on my hair again.  I steam, relax my hair myself at home.  Rarely do I go to the salon. I think I only visited a salon twice last year.  If it were left to me, all the salons in Lagos would’ve gone out of business.  Hahaha!

What’s the favourite clothing article in your wardrobe?  Why do you like it so much?

My black satin shorts. I find them sexy and extremely comfortable.

What’s the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?  Why did you buy it?

A Dolce & Gabanna dress.  I love the fit and the cut.  Plus it was the only one left in the store that day.  The fact that the store manager said they had only six of the dresses delivered to them was also a motivating factor.

Goldie (1)What’s your fashion fetish?  Shoes, bags, perfumes, jeans, what?  Why?

Shoes and perfumes oh!  I love high heel shoes, and I love to smell great, but because I get bored easily, even though Chanel No.5 is my fragrance of choice, I still love to experiment with different scents.

What will you NOT be caught dead wearing?  Why?

Any dress fabric with too much patterns and too many colours.  Like a peacock!  I like my body to wear the dress, and not the other way round.

Who is your fashion icon?  Why?

Madonna…Timeless, ageless, fearless.

Who is your favourite designer and why?

Alexander McQueen.  Eccentric, artistic, bold!!!

Goldie-HarveyWhat’s your relationship with gold and why do you seem to like it so much?

(Laughing) I just love shiny things and have always gravitated towards metallic colours. If I were a bird I’d be a magpie (laughs).  It’s just a rich, royal and luxurious colour.  Nothing like it.

Is plastic surgery ever an option for you?  Why or why not?

I can’t say for now, but what I will say is, my body is the only body I’m ever going to have. I’d like it to last and at least remain as good as it does now, till when I’m in my 80s.  So, anything necessary to keep it looking good and me feeling fab, is definitely an option.



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