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Gospel artiste, Tosin Martins speaks passionately about his latest album, I am a MES

SECULAR-cum-gospel artiste, Tosin Martins was born into a family of six.  He started his music career in high school, where he sang in the choir.  His influence came from the wide collections of veteran Nigerian artistes in his home, speaking of King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey to mention a few.

He confessed that ever since the release of his classic love song, Olomi, many years back, he has been unable to produce any other album that would match the song in its message, content, lyrics and mass appeal.

However, in an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he opened up on his new album, M.E.S, marriage and sundry issues.

What should we expect from the stable of Tosin Martins this year?

We just put out a new album and also started publicity on it to create awareness and for people to look forward to it.

Tosin-Martins11-001Tell us about the album.

It is entitled, I am a MES, meaning Minister Entertainer Statesman.  It is a mix of genres of music featuring the likes of Ebenezer Obey, Cobhams Asuquo, Tiwa Savage, Waje, Vector and an international music artiste.  It is a blend of many producers, Sarz, Wole Oni, Cobhams, Flow, Mastercraft and many more are all on this project.

Is your album going to conform with the new sound?

The album is going to have elements of the new sound to some degree as I can only do what I can and hope it would be widely accepted because I believe the way you are should reflect in your music.  I do not like music that is a complete departure from who you are.  I try to bring into my songs everything that I am and that has given me all kinds of tags.

Why do you do secular and gospel music, don’t you think they are two contrasting genres?

I don’t think they are contrasting which is the message I am putting out there.  In fact, a secular environment presents you the opportunity to influence other people with the ideals and values of our faith.

What is your definition of good music?

For me, good music is anything that has melody and words that go beyond your skin and to the heart, head, get you thinking, makes you happy or sad.  That is good music.  It should have an element of some live acoustic instruments.

Tell us about the genres of music in this album.

Expect the typical Tosin Martins because I know how to put different things together but it is essentially very afrocentric.  The album contains love songs, worship songs and African music.  Basically, the album has everything that is in me.

Why did it take you so long to release another album?

The challenge is I had to do so many things like putting out albums and at the same time, people are expecting you to come around and do concerts, travel to promote projects you already have, and the process of recording another album can take so much time, especially when you have to feature other artistes, you have to work with their time.  In some other cases, you have to wait to get inspired to make sure you are delivering on a genuine level.

How are you enjoying matrimony?

I can only thank God.  It would be nine years in August and we thank God.

messfrontWhat has kept it going?

It has been God all the way because we fight, make up and learn a lot of lessons that makes us get better and stronger.  We are still learning.

Tell us about your wife.

She is as beautiful as they come and also as troublesome as ladies come.  She is a financial expert.

Can you tell us about your success in your chosen career?

I do not know if I have succeeded yet but I thank God for where I am and what I have been able to achieve so far.  It is just a few steps from the ladder and hopefully, I would get to the top of the ladder.

What has been the challenges?

I would say typical things.  The system itself is challenging.  Most of the music we hear today is different from what we had back then and piracy.  The corporate world is finally getting involved but they need to extend their reach and give endorsements to other genres of music, but we thank God.

Looking at the music industry from when you were there and what you have now, what has changed in the industry?

I must say, it is better from what we had and it is getting bigger, more recognition, regionally and in Africa.  The quality of production is also getting better.  But I feel, we need to expand the coast to accommodate more people.



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