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Gospel virtuoso, Ehiliz explains why she veered into TV

Mrs. Elizabeth Ehigiamusoe, popularly known as Ehiliz, is a talented and passionate leading gospel artiste committed to divine vision through her gospel music. She’s the convener of Vivid View with Ehiliz, say it and do it, every Sunday from 5:30pm to 6pm on TVC.

Aside the unflinching joy she derives from music, she is also the Managing Director of Mirco Investment Support Services Ltd (MISS) and happily married to Mr. Godwin Eseiwi Ehigiamusoe and they are blessed with five lovely children.

Elizabeth Ehigiamusoe is a graduate of Account from the University of Benin with a Masters in Finance from same university alongside other intimidating credentials. Ehiliz is an interviewer’s delight for her versatility and spontaneity.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly the amiable lady bared it all about her business in gospel music genre, her business interests, family and more…


How long have you been doing music?

Elizabeth Ehigiamusoe

Elizabeth Ehigiamusoe

I have been doing music for 21 years now. I released my first album in 1994, but I stopped for a while to complete my education. Then I got married and gave birth because I didn’t want any hindrance to my work. I actually had passion for music not knowing it will become commercial.

So, I don’t survive on the money I get from music. I work in the bank and I do other side jobs. I never took music as a career.

From 1994, when you started, have you been able to change in anyway? What has changed about you?

A lot have changed, but all the same, I have never relied on the money I get from music. There was a time my album sold over 2,000 copies in the first week of release. And the recent one has sold over 5,000.

What inspired you to do music?

I was specifically called by God Almighty. It was very clear to me. As far back as 1977, I travelled to my home in Nibo Awka, Anambra state. I saw someone descend from heaven and was suspended in the air. He was shining so bright with colours of the rainbow that I couldn’t even behold the light and there came a voice saying, Sing unto me. He leaped and said again, Sing unto me, continuously until I couldn’t see him again. I woke up terrified.

Before then I had been praying, asking God what my gift was. It then dawned on me that God wanted me to sing. I could relate all these to my attitude towards music. Anywhere I hear music, whether secular or gospel, I come alive. I love music and as time passed, I joined the church choir. I can only be thankful to God for the changes.

How has your work with Christ been since you gave your life to Christ?

The major thing is the calling. I have an invitation song, it’s about giving your life to Christ. I know of some people who gave their life to Christ after listening to my music, and also people who regained hope. God has used me to change lives, to bring people out of their sin and bondage.

What makes your new album different from the other ones you have?

I discover that God has done great things in my life. So, I decided to sing a song entitled, Grateful.

How do you get inspiration to write these songs?

I wrote some of my songs in the kitchen. Anytime inspiration comes, I pick up my pen and write. I write songs about life, how God has been merciful and miraculous. It will be aired on radio and television soon.

How do you balance your duties as an MD, a wife and a career woman?

I met a woman that said she saw my programme on TV, and she asked if I was the one. I said yes, she was like, how do you cope? I said, it is the grace of God. I think what is important is planning and being able to manage one’s self. My husband is also very supportive. So, we know how to joggle things. You rarely see me at events. I always go for conventions and I sing in church every Sunday, except I have to sing in a wedding ceremony. That’s how I do my thing.

What else do you do outside music?

I have a TV programme with a view to restoring decency, morality, peace, love, patriotism and co-operation among the youths especially for those who are morally bankrupt.

I want to build an egalitarian society devoid of corruption, kidnapping, child abuse, cultism, tribal and religious conflicts, marriage failure, etc.

It’s called Vivid View with Ehiliz and it cuts across all religions. It’s on TVC every Sunday from 5:30pm to 6pm.

What about the home front?

I have five lovely grown up children. They take good care of themselves with the support of their father, Godwin Eseiwi Ehigiamusoe.

At over 50 you are still as cool as cucumber, what’s the secret?

It’s just by the finger of God. I don’t bother myself about things I can’t change. I do my best and leave the rest to God. I enjoy media support from ENCOMIUM Weekly, Television Continental, Silverbird TV, Lagos Television, etc. Therefore, I have every reason to appreciate all my fans. I advice they should put into practice all they hear in my songs.

What’s the name of your management outfit?

I am currently being manage by Steve Akpos of Nolly Fans Entertainment Media, Lagos.


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