Grand Oak wins Chairman’s Award Cup

Grand Oak Limited has won the best company of the first quarter 2015 of Chairman’s Award Cup, Lexcel Group of Companies. The commercial Director of Grand Oak Limited, Aare Fatai Odesile told ENCOMIUM Weekly, the secret of their victory.

How do you feel that your company won the best company of the first quarter?

I am extremely happy. Grand Oak Limited is like the flagship of the whole group. It has finally been recognized as one that deserves it. We all know what first quarter of 2015 was like, the elections, fear, people moving to safer places in the country and we were able to excel.

We even exceeded our target and also exceed that of 2014. So, naturally you feel happy when you are compensated and I can attribute that to the resilience of the team, the determination to succeed in the face of challenges. I am proud of the team.

How will the company consolidate on this to ensure the second quarter of the year and the remaining part of the year Grand Oak Limited remains the top brand and company?

Winning is a tonic, it’s like an adrenaline poured into one’s system. I am happy all the regional managers were invited and they are here today. So, they have seen what it is to be winners. I am sure they won’t want to be defeated. We have started and also exceeded our target, so I can guarantee this will serve as a tonic to boost our energy.

We won it twice in 2014 but we lost focus later. I am assuring, it won’t happen again.

Your customers will surely expect greater things now, so what do you have to offer them?

We know competition is intense now. Today, we have multinational companies in the spirit business, but beyond the spirit business we have people in lager business e.g Guinness and they have come up with Origin, but we don’t have a choice but to remain number one. We have to deliver superior service to our customers and we need to deliver products as at when it is required.

Our customers should expect from us, superior service, prompt delivery and also help them to sell their business better because when they do well, we also do well.

What were the things put in place to achieve this success?

The guys at the first quarter of this year were happy as they smiled to the bank because we appreciated them for team work. Also our reward system is team based and not individual based. If you perform well as a team, the whole team gets the reward, but if you perform individually without supporting the team, there will be no reward for all team members.

So, because the reward system is geared towards team, all the team members know that to get some time, they must work together and that’s why our slogan is Together we win and that is what drives us.




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