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Hackers use virulent virus to snatch £20m from UK account internet banking users

The National Crime Agency (NCA) in the United Kingdom said a Dridex malware has been developed by cyber criminals to hack into the account of UK internet banking users and losses have been estimated to run into tens of millions.

Now, internet banking users are warned to protect themselves against cyber attacks as over £20m has been snatched so far by hackers.  The perpetrators of these crime are being traced by British experts and FBI, so far one ‘significant arrest’ has been made.

Computers become infected when users receive and open documents in seemingly legitimate emails, the NCA said. A number of global financial institutions and a variety of different payment systems have been targeted.

Investigation is ongoing as more arrest is expected to be made, according to the NCA.  Advice and guidance on how users can protect themselves is given, as NCA is working tirelessly to stop affected computers from communicating with cyber criminals controlling them.

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