Hardship multiplies, petrol sells for N170 per litre

The price of petrol, the essential commodity that oils the economy, has jumped today (Monday, March 28) from N86.50 to N170 per litre! And most petrol stations in Lagos metropolis are under lock and key.

The few stations dispensing fuel are riotous! Only about two or three stations out of ten have petrol. And they are exploiting scarcity to sell at indefensible rates.

Many motorists, transporters and entrepreneurs are groaning as the economy faces one of its worst periods. Businesses are collapsing by the day, and those struggling to survive are breathless and panting.

The nonsensical statement made by Minister of state for petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu last week that he’s not a magician and petrol will be scarce until May, further worsened the torments Nigerians are experiencing.

Nigerians are angry that an oil producing nation could be experiencing this level of hardship to buy petrol. And it is unclear how long the scarcity would last…

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